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  • Just downloaded the current versions of both WP and WooTheme’s TMA theme. It appears TMA forces only fixed-widths for images displayed on the home page excerpts – specifically 470px. I had decided to re-code all the columns to be fluid, to accommodate different browser/platform combinations, and to take full advantage of the available space on smaller screens.

    To try to make the front-page excerpts’ image attachment size fluid as well, I’ve also changed the home.php latest-post-image block array’s 470px specification to “auto.”

    This is displaying fine in everything except the Firefox/Windows combination. Anyone know why?

    I’ve also tried a number of other css fixes, including adding “width: auto;” to all the pertinent css style blocks, with pretty much negligent results. I’ve pretty much spent the whole day on this problem.

    Thanks for any help.

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  • Update: well, I just discovered latest-post images are also not re-sizing in any of my Mac browsers. I thought I had gotten it to resize once before in Safari, but alas. My other fixes must have negated this. So now it seems resizing with “auto” in the code only works in IE/Windows. Crap. Frustrating.

    I wonder – does anyone actually use these forums anymore?

    Anyway, after a couple of days of tearing out hair, I found the answer through google, trial and error, but thought I’d give back a bit here, since I got help from a different (closed) post on these forums, specifically:

    I used totomobile’s fix to remove the automatically-inserted width/height attributes (thanks – hope it holds), then, using the resulting code in the new img tag in home.php (view the source code), I added new class and style codes to stylesheet.css, thus:

    .attachment-large {width: inherit;}

    I also added “width: inherit;” to the containing div “#latest_post_image” in the stylesheet, which may not have been necessary, but better safe than sorry.

    Works so far in Mac/Firefox, Mac/Safari, Windows/Firefox, and Windows/IE8.

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