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    Hello, when I first found this plug-in I was using it to auto resize vehicle images I add to my site in order to cut down on size and the time to add a new vehicle. It was working brilliantly by setting an auto resize to 1024×768. However now, I assume after some updates to wordpress or the plugin, it does not resize either way. If I add pictures to the stock media, it does not resize. Also if I go to the bulk resize option, it says skipped and (Resize not required). Yet the files stay the same 4032×3024 (iphone 8 plus size). Let me know if you need any other details.

    Sorry I couldn’t find any other way to add images. Hope this works fine.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Where are you uploading images? Seems odd that you only have the second dimensions set. At any rate, that’s the problem with the bulk resize, as it uses the first dimensions, so they need to be setup for that to work.

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    The reason I only have those dimensions set is because I upload directly to the media folder through WordPress. It was working before with these exact settings. I would go to a new car, then upload the images to media folder and it would automatically resize them to 1024×768. So should I set the top dimensions to the same thing?

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    So if you’re uploading a new car, this is a “custom post type” of some sort, right?
    The reason I ask that is Imsanity relies upon the “POST” variables that are sent during the upload to know which dimensions to apply.
    The POST variables are different between the normal page/post editor and when you go to the Media-Add New item in the menu.
    And what I’m wondering is if maybe your new car uploader used to send the same POST variables as the direct uploads and then changed something.

    In short, try the other settings to see which one you can get to work. The first set is definitely the ones used by the bulk resizer though, that never changes.

    Thank you for making this post and your feedback so far. I am having the same problem. Unfortunately I didn’t set up this plugin. My coder did but this is what the settings page looks like when I’m logged

    And when I clicked bulk resizer it came back with 900 images to resize, but everyone comes back with this Error


    I always upload my pictures while in writing my posts. I have never logged in and independently clicked on add media and uploaded. that doesn’t even seem logical. What would be the benefit of uploading media then click on add new post then click on add media and select what I uploaded. Thats 3-4 extra steps to do the same task.

    My question is this. My site is starting to slow down and I am guessing it is because of images. These settings look like they are set at only allowing 1800×1800 to be uploaded but I have multiple photos that are over 5000×3000. How did they get in at that size? Why didn’t something resize them? Why is the bulk resizer telling me 1800×1800 is bigger then 5000×3000??????

    This drives me nuts when coders do this! you design something. It fills a void in the market, but it only fills the void if you only use it in a certain way and that certain way is not going to be option “A” for majority of the users that want to use this. Theres a real simple solution here. Creating a warning pop up box that says something like:

    The photo you are uploading is 5000×3000 and could delay page load speed at this size. What size would you like to make this photo? W______ x H_______ or make it a settings option so that every photo that is larger then that max it automatically gets resized to that set size. No matter quality, imagery or anything else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Because now that I didn’t use your method to upload my pictures because I like my time I have to go back and resize or edit 1889 photos because I didn’t know your plugin parameters were so easy to work around!!!

    Seriously you think people are uploading photos outside of a blog post?? Thats how think people are adding media to wordpress blogs???? Really?? you think that option “A” is

    1-login into dashboard
    2-click add media
    3-select media
    4-title, comment, alt tag, categorize
    5-click on add new post
    6-click on add media
    7-select media
    8-align media


    1- login into dashboard
    2-add new post
    3-add new media
    4-upload media/alt tag/categorize/title/align

    continue typing.

    Why would option 1 be more efficient that option 2????

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    @jigsaw, please start a new thread

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