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  • Plugin Author Steve


    Can you post the rest of the diagnostics – specifically there should be a set of messages about where it was looking for images (custom meta, thumbnails etc).

    BTW – your theme or something is broken as the bottom of the page is missing (No wordpress footer and no closing body tag)

    Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. And also thanks for pointing that out about the theme. I think the facebook like box isn’t appearing for some reason on the page.

    These are the other diagonistic messages in order:

    Found a match so dump the image
    Found a match so dump the image
    Calling Wordbooker publishing function –
    Commence Publish –
    of this post is the Post Author –
    Options Set – call transition –
    Post option : wordbooker_noncename adb0445bdc –
    Post option : wordbooker_publish_default on –
    Post option : wordbooker_primary_target PW:100004668068552 –
    Post option : wordbooker_primary_type 1 –
    Post option : wordbooker_secondary_target FW:309859477095 –
    Post option : wordbooker_secondary_type 4 –
    Post option : wordbooker_extract_length 500 –
    Post option : wordbooker_actionlink 300 –
    Post option : wordbooker_thumb_only on –
    Post option : wordbooker_attribute Valentine’s Day action at Euston and Victoria Stations for CitySafe –
    Post option : wordbooker_status_update_text : New blog post : %title% – %link% –
    Post option : wordbooker_like_button_post 1 –
    Post option : wordbooker_publish_page_default 100
    Post option : wordbooker_publish_post_default on –
    Post option : wordbooker_post_edited yes –
    Post option : wordbooker_override_id 22 –
    User has been set to : 22 –
    Posting as user : 22 –
    Calling wordbooker_fbclient_publishaction –
    Getting the Excerpt –
    Getting the thumnail image
    Getting image from custom meta : image –
    Getting image from custom meta : thumb –
    Getting image from custom meta : Thumbnail –
    Setting image array to be just thumb –
    Setting image array to be post and thumb images. –
    No Post images found so loading blank to keep Facebook happy Post Images : Getting the Excerpt –
    Post Titled : Valentine’s Day CitySafe Launch at Victoria and Euston Stations –
    Post URL :
    Post Caption : Unlocking the Power of Civil Society –
    Read Full link being used –
    Posting to Primary target (Personal Wall) not active –
    Posting to Secondary target (Citizens UK) not active

    Plugin Author Steve


    Like box wont appear as the page footer missing so the javascript used to render it is missing.

    You’ve got “Use Post Thumbnail only” turned on at the user level…

    Ah okay, thanks for telling me!

    So if I turn off ‘Use Post Thumbnail Only’ will the post image come up on FB?

    Plugin Author Steve


    It might do for the next post…..

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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