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  • Since updating to 2.8, images are not displaying at all. In FF it is blank and in Safari there is are boxes with ?’s in them. If I click on an image box and choose to view the image from outside of WP, it views fine.

    I have downgraded back to 2.7.1 and 2.7 and have now upgraded to 2.8.1 and still the problem remains. I have completely deleted the WP installation and then copied a ‘fresh’ 2.7 installation and it remains. I have removed all plugins with no effect and the problem isn’t a theme problem since the default theme maintains the issue.

    I have two other WP installs on this same host, both 2.7 and not updated to 2.8 at any time and they work fine so it’s not my host. This is potentially a deal-breaker for me and WordPress if this cannot be resolved.

    My website is I have gone to the default theme as it is the only way you can read the text of my site. However, the RecruiterEsq post has an image which exemplifies my problem.

    Finis Price

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  • You webserver seems to be configured in a way to prevent hotlinking the images hosted on your site. Although there’s nothing wrong with that practice the webserver doesn’t seem to allow images included in your own website as well.

    So after a bit of investigation, I guess you haven’t got a problem with WordPress but a configuration problem with your webserver. Try asking your hosting company whether they’ve changed the webserver’s configuration regarding hotlinking and I’m sure they’ll sort it out for you.

    You are, as they say, THE MAN. Thought hotlinking was supposed to be turned off. Based on your observations, I went and downloaded my .htaccess file and found hotlinking to be protected. I removed the offending lines and whoila, it is fixed. I owe you a beer my friend!

    Cheers 😉


    I have the same problem, cant seem to be able to upload pictures at all with 2.8. Now I read what finis33 said about downloading the .htaccess file, but I dont know what line I should be deleting!!!???

    If you just can’t upload any images I doubt that it has got something to do with this hotlinking-of-images problem.

    Can you tell us more about the error you’re seeing?

    well there are no errors, I upload the pictures either with the flash uploader or via the browser, but after the picture has been uploaded, the picture comes up as broken and dont want to appear. my guess is that it just doesnt want to upload the picture.. but the file name of the picture is there and the size and everythihg, just the picture doesnt show. and on my server inside the wordpress directory I can see the pictures been uploaded..

    so why???

    by the way, the pictures that are being uploaded, they get dumped in this folder /wp-content/. is that the correct folder???

    You can check the upload folder under “Settings – Miscellaneous”; it should default to “wp-content/uploads“. Basically, you can change this option to whatever you want, if it’s just “wp-content” in your case that should be fine as well.
    But without logging into your site and having a detailed look at it I just can’t tell what’s going wrong here. Maybe somebody else can… if you don’t get an answer here, drop me a line.

    I’m having the same problem as tomguez. I upload the picture but all I get is a broken pic line.The info says it’s there, but the picture doesn’t show up. It was fine before WOrdpress did all this fancy schmancy changing over a to a new template. But one day I logged in to my blog and it was ALL changed and suddenly, none of my pictures will upload. Which sucks because it’s hard to have blog contests about things you’re going to give away as a marketing tool when you can’t show a picture of it. So I can’t upload any of the covers of the books I review or the magazines I’m giving away with one of my stories in them.

    AND, I’m supposed to be part of an author blog tour this weekend and was hoping to upload a pic of the cover of the book by the author I am hosting, but I can’t because my blog will not let me upload pics.

    And apparently, if you read the list when you type up “picture not uploading” we are not the only ones having this problem. So I would guess it is a WordPress problem and not an operator error.

    AND, I can upload on my Blogger blog, Live Journal, MySpace, Tribe, and Facebook accounts.

    AND, yes, I also have upgraded my Firefox recently, but again, I’m still able to do everything else I was able to do. Just no pictures on my WordPress blog.

    Can you provide a URL for your WordPress blog?

    Will that help, really? I mean sure, I can. But the only pics you’ll see will be those that I’ve uploaded prior to the beginning of September. Everything after September was only a broken link when I tried to upload it. If all I got was a broken link, I just deleted the pic altogether. Why bother having it there if it’s broken. I didn’t wants some broken thing showing up on my website. And I wasn’t going to refer to a picture and then not have it there. But sure, check out my blog:

    Okay, still not able to upload images. I have a book coming out soon and I would really like to post the cover art. How the hell am I supposed to sell my book if I can’t post images? I mean really. This is ridiculous. And why can’t we just write a technical support helpline. Why these stupid forums where no one ever offers a solution?

    If anyone is interested, THIS is what I get when I try to post an image:


    Have you checked your permissions on the wp-content and wp-content/uploads folders?

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