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  • I’ve seen similar complaints but not quite the same, so I figure I should make my own post. Most of the other complaints are about uploading images from Safari to your own WordPress, not viewers of your site.

    I’ve been using the same theme for over a year now and this has just become a problem. I was also using an older version of WordPress as I was paranoid to upgrade and break anything! So this started happening when I didn’t change anything (that I recall of course). I hadn’t added or upgraded any new plugins, etc.

    A few weeks ago, a Mac user told me that some of the images on my latest blog post were mostly gray boxes. I was on my iphone at the time and sure enough, they were. By the time I got to my PC to work on, the images were there and I thought it was a server snafu. But since then, I’ve realized that random images appear partially gray (or partially loaded) for all Safari users (PC and Mac) and for all Mac users (Safari or Chrome tested so far). All images appear perfectly fine on my PC with Chrome, IE, and Firefox.

    Again, this just started happening even though I don’t recall anything changing. I’ve since upgraded WordPress and my active plugins to see if I could “fix it”. The images from older posts are also affected. And it’s random – you can refresh the page and different images appear gray than the first time.

    Any ideas?

    (as a side note, Safari for PC has all sorts of issues with the blog – doesn’t recognize the images being centered, line breaks or the fonts!)

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  • It may have something to do with the fact that all of your image paths have /wp in them but your blog URL and other links do not. Did you move the site from a subfolder called /wp to the root?

    If you need to update those image tags, you should be able to do it with the Search And Replace plugin.

    The whole site exists in that subfolder (I had issues moving it to the root). I simply changed index.php in the root to direct to that subfolder. It’s been that way since the site went live over a year ago and back then images worked on Macs/Safari!

    Safari on a Mac works fine for me. Have you validated the site? Errors can cause many browser problems.

    Also perhaps try clearing browser caches.

    OOPs, not entirely okay in Safari — some photos only load partially — grey for part of the image.

    I validated that one page and there are many mark-up and CSS errors…so that’s likely the problem.

    But you really should update both the theme and WP too — just back-up carefully and take it step by step…

    BTW, lovely site, photos and concept/content too! (LOVE that cat on the about page!)

    I have upgraded to the latest WP – hoping it would fix the problem!

    The theme I have HEAVILY edited myself (nothing recently). It is basically my own theme now so upgrading to the latest version of that would be a real mess…

    But I tested (validated) both the live site and a dummy site with the new-updated version of the theme. The live site had 20 something errors and the updated theme site had 40 something errors! Arg!

    I’ve never messed with any of that validating stuff. I didn’t see anything that obviously was associated with images, but I know one thing can screw up something seemingly unrelated.

    Still seems odd that this just started happening. I’m wondering if my web host has anything to do with it? I don’t even know what to ask them…

    Thanks for the help and suggestions so far!

    You might try switching to the default WP theme (make sure it’s current version) and see if the image issue persists — that would help narrow down where the problem is.

    Excellent suggestion!

    I switched over to the default theme (Twenty Eleven 1.3) and the problem still existed.

    I also played around with my test folder. I copied some posts over to that version – if I simply copied the html (img location and all), the problem exists. But if I upload the images to that test folder, I can’t get the problem to occur.

    Also, it’s only a few images per post (usually one, sometimes none). I tried deleting the image (from the post as well as from wordpress completely) and then re-uploading. And now that image appears properly.

    I would blame this all on something screwy with upload…but even images that I uploaded a year ago – that used to show up fine – are now partially missing.

    By the way, if you right click a screwy image and open in a new tab, it sometimes comes in fully. If it doesn’t, all you have to do is refresh is always comes in fine. So the image is there and Safari can see it. Just not on the first pass!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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