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  • I downloaded and installed the latest version of Magazine Basic, I have switched off image resizer, but images still are not loading on the front page. Can anyone tell me why this might be?

    My page is at



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  • Hi

    The only image you have in the source code for your homepage is jen’s leatherworking guide. It is pointing to a file location on the c drive of your local computer, not to a location on the web. Thus it is not displaying since it can’t be found on the web.

    If there are other images that are supposed to be on the homepage because they are in posts, if you are using the WP default excerpt feature (summarized posts) that feature strips out all HTML tags including images and links. You will have to find a different way to display images on the homepage – either modifying the display code, using a homepage image thumbnail plugin, or similar technique.

    Hey, thanks for the response I appreciate it.

    I’m not sure what was going on with that picture… for that test article originally I had used a plugin for thumbnails that was supposed to upload images from my HD, but I definitely see that it was trying to link back to the HD instead. But the weird thing is, I had gone back and deleted that image and the thumbnail plugin entirely and it was still showing up with that same link.

    So, I went back in and used the thumbnail plugin that comes with Magazine Basic, but the image is not showing up at all still. The site has moved to Still at a loss as to why my images aren’t showing up via the timthumb plugin. 🙁

    Nevermind! I was poking around with every setting I could think of and realized that the upload directory was somehow waaaay off. Fixed that and images now show up just fine. Thanks again for your help, stvwlf.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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