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  • I just bought the Pro version of the plugin a while ago and it was working well until 2 days ago when it suddenly stopped generating images.

    Even though now my cron is open and I deactivated all plugins Magic Post plugin is not generating my thumbnails.

    Any idea how to fix that? I tried deactivating all plugins and reinstalling without success.

    No idea what happens.

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  • Hi Roy!

    The error you are receiving is probably because you have exceeded the threshold of the particular image bank’s (that you are using) requests and have been blocked by their firewall or other rate-limiting scheme. In my case, Google scraping does this and will reset in about 24-28 hours. The setting of the cron interval does not have much effect, at least in my case, because I have many posts daily, end even setting the interval to a higher level does not seem to make any difference whatsoever.

    The plugin has a built-in php sleep() interval which is set, causing the script to pause, but is, apparently, not of a high enough value.

    For instance, If I set it to X days/hours/minutes and have a lot of posts in the last for X days/hours/minutes, it will still be dependent on the sleep() interval.

    I believe that the developer, Alex, has plans to make this user-adjustable at some point in the future, however. Hopefully this will work on both the cron operation as well as the bulk manual operation.



    P.S. It should also be possible to use WordPress’ built-in proxy server as set in wp-config.php or the proxy of this plugin itself (although I have never been able to get either to work properly).

    P.P.S. It is also possible that your server has stopped speaking to the outside world, for whatever reason. I would suggest that you take a look at the results of the site health screen (Tools -> Site Health) to see if your site can communicate with the Internet. Also, if it cannot, it is a good test to go to Plugins -> add new and see if you can search for a plugin. If your site cannot connect to WordPress to search for a plugin, the screen will just hang there with the spinning icon and do nothing else.

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    It’s been so much time (4 days) without it working and I have no idea why …

    It generated like 5000 photos without problem then doesn’t work anymore.

    I tried to add a proxy from the panel and from the wp.config file reading a tutorial without success.

    I used Google Scraping but Flickr is not even working either so unless it is my server that does strange things then the plugin is KO …

    I’ll have to look for another plugin if it doesn’t fix in a few days more.

    Plugin Author Alexandre Gaboriau


    Hi Royorbison,

    Sorry for the delay, I couldn’t operate this week end, until now..

    If you generated 5000 images without problems and it stopped. It’s doubtless Google that has temporarily exclude your requests.

    Can you send me your email related to your pro account via email ( ? thanks a lot.
    (It’s always easier for me to help customers via email since customers often give sensitive information).

    I think it’s always better to see together how we can solve this rather than leaving a bad review…

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