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    Hi, This is the only lazy load plugin I have tried that doesn’t lazy load my images.

    I read the faq, but i’m not sure how to modify that with my theme.

    I need a lazy load plugin that works with the picture element, as all the others except for one, do not support this element.

    I am having trouble with the Extra/Divi theme by Elegant Themes. Do you know how to make your plugin compatible with this theme?

    I have found references to wp_get_attachment_image in several places in my theme.

    How do you recommend changing it to get_lazysizes_html( wp_get_attachment_image($id) as you suggest?

    Is there any reason this plugin doesn’t natively support wp_get_attachment_image?

    Like I said, this is the only lazy load plugin (and i tried them all) that didn’t work on my images.

    So it seems like this will limit the audience and uptake of this plugin, as many people will try it, see it doesn’t work, and then delete it.

    Which is a shame as if it does the same thing as the lazysizes plugin on github, then this is one of the best lazy load plugins available.

    Please make it more compatible so more people can benefit from it.


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  • Plugin Author Patrick Sletvold


    Hello everyone,
    I’ve made various improvements and fixes, and I while I’m not sure if I’ve fixed the issues you two are describing, I feel like there’s a good possibility that there’s some improvement on at least some of them. I’m aware that there’s still some issues with responsify-wp, but they might not affect your use case. These improvements are in the latest version, v0.5.3. Feel free to try it out, and let me know if anything has changed. Next step for me is looking further into the current issues, and see what can be done to reproduce and fix.

    Patrick Sletvold

    Hi Patrick!

    I tested v0.5.3 now and for me EVERYTHING seems to work! 🙂 So I noticed, that in Safari the picture elements will be loaded & displayed and the noscript-tags aren’t there, when I don’t check the JS-fallback checkbox.

    I’ll let you know if I experience any problems, but for now it really seems to be solved for me – Thank you again!! 🙂

    Have a nice day guys!

    Plugin Author Patrick Sletvold


    That’s great news! I fixed several minor issue with how source tags inside picture elements where transformed, so it’s good to hear it made a difference.

    – Patrick Sletvold

    Hi Patrick, all appears to be working now with Responsify WP plugin.

    It also works without selecting the wp_get_attachment_image option which it didn’t do before.

    Thanks & great work!

    Hi again!

    Patrick, are you interested in working on another plugin?

    I’m thinking of a “comment reply email notification” plugin which is GDPR compliant (probably only adding a double-optin feature). I haven’t found a plugin which meets this criteria, but I think many bloggers out there would be happy to have a plugin like this!

    Here’s a pretty good plugin, which just seems to lack the double-optin thing:

    I would be really happy, if you would be interested in this! 🙂

    Plugin Author Patrick Sletvold


    @martychc23 That’s great to hear. I’ll wrap up the release and push it to soon then.

    @dutze Sounds fun, but I probably have too much other stuff on my schedule, at the moment at least.

    – Patrick Sletvold

    Ok I can totally understand that 🙂

    Just let me know, if you are interested again and if I can help you with anything 🙂

    Plugin Author Patrick Sletvold


    Version 1.0.0 is now live. Let me know if you have unforeseen issues

    – Patrick Sletvold

    Great to hear, thanks for your excellent work on this Patrick 🙂

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