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  • Hi James,

    Similar post to the one from a few months ago, but maybe providing some more detail. Basically the images cover the content but not the viewport. I’ve tested 3 devices:
    1. Safari and Chrome on an iPhone 5S running iOS7;
    2. Safari on an iPad running iOS6;
    3. Safari on an iPhone running iOS6.

    The issue is the dynamic address and navigation bars at the top and bottom of the screen that disappear on scrolling on both the iPhones I tested.

    In example 1 running Safari, on page load both bars are present at the top and bottom of the screen. When scrolling down, both bars slide off screen, the image stays the same size but produces a letter box at the bottom of the screen (slightly higher than the bottom navigation bar).

    In example 1 running Chrome, there is only 1 bar at the top of the screen so when scrolling down the picture itself marginally resizes (zooms in) to cover the whole screen. When you scroll back up, the bar reappears and the picture goes back to original size.

    In example 2, Safari looks like a desktop browser with a static combined nav / address bar and the plugin works fine.

    Example 3 only loses the top address bar with the bottom navigation staying put. The end result, though, it the same as in example 1 with the letter box at the bottom.

    Interestingly, it’s also only a problem in portrait screen orientation, not landscape. Just going to test this now with a different orientation image.

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  • OK, just tested with a portrait background image and no change in the results. So the issue appears to be that pesky bottom navigation bar.

    Plugin Author jamesdbruner


    I’m a very visual learner, is there any chance you could take screenshots and number them to go along with each description of the issue?

    Hi James, yes will do, sorry I missed your reply. (I’m pretty sure it’s an iOS issue though, rather than the plugin!). The site is just about to undergo a domain transfer so it might go missing at any moment.

    1. iPhone 5S, iOS7, Safari – just arrived on site. All good!

    2. iPhone 5S, iOS7, Safari – scrolling down. The white box at the bottom is static and appears when the bottom nav bar slides off screen. Not the easiest thing to see given I use white sections above the background – but it is static!
    And now with a red background so you can see it more easily.

    3. iPhone 5S, iOS7, Chrome – no issue with the bottom white bar, and I’m Chrome there is no bottom nav bar.

    4. iPhone 5S, iOS7, Safari on landscape. Again, no problem and no disappearing bottom nav bar.

    The Chrome issue is image resizing on scrolling. Not to easy to see, but hopefully you can see the difference in these two images.

    5. iPhone 5S, iOS7, Chrome. On landing all good.

    6. iPhone 5S, iOS7, Chrome. Start scrolling down, address bar slides out at the top, still good, but if you compare the positions of the windows on the background image, you’ll see the image has zoomed in. It reverts back when the address bar reappears.

    Let me know if you need anymore. I’ve worked round the issue as you can see by setting the background colour of my sections white so it’s not obvious. iOS7 Safari hates even CSS full screen backgrounds for the same reason I think. I’m using your plugin purely to get the fullscreen background and not scroll, so only one image.

    Thought I’d post this other one that I just noticed. Again, red background. Scrolling UP this time.

    You’ll notice that the bottom of the background is fine – the bottom nav bar is there. But at the top you’ll see red seeping through the address bar where my logo isn’t.


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