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  • Hi, I built my site first and then added your plugin. When I checked my server, I found:

    wp-content > cache > adaptive-images > 1024 > wp-content > uploads

    and then in that uploads folder are only three images: my site header, an older site header previously deleted, and one other page header. All are smaller then the originals so I assume they were made by the plugin, but my site had way more than three images.

    Your thoughts?

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  • Plugin Author Takis


    Hello, there,

    Thank you for trying out our plugin!

    Here are some possible reasons you are seeing this:

    1. Probably a lot of the other images you have in your website are already small enough so they do not need to be resized at all.

    2. Perhaps some of your images have not been accessed yet. The plugin only resizes images at the time that they are accessed and then caches them.

    3. It is also possible that there is a combination of the above. This means that some images might not have yet been accessed by devices small enough for the plugin to decide that they should be resized.

    However the fact that you are seeing even “some” images in the cache folder means most certainly that the plugin is indeed working correctly.

    Does this make sense?

    Let me know if there is anything more you need!


    Yes, that makes sense. I did reduce the image quality for many of the images to get them at around or below 200KB, and many are now below 100KB.

    However, I thought it was not just a matter of file size but image size. I have several images that are 900 pixels high and displayed at 450 pixels high (to accommodate the Retina screen); I would think those would be downsized. No?

    I will test in Chrome developer tools to see if more images are accessed, though I don’t know if this facsimile is the same as an actual mobile device accessing the site. Will also test in my tablet and see what happens.

    Thanks for the clarification.

    Plugin Author Takis


    Both Chrome and Firefox developer tools in device mode emulate an actual smaller screen size, so you should be able to test and debug this behaviour in any way.

    One last point to keep in mind: the decision whether an image will be resized or not is made by the plugin based on the combination of the i) image size, ii) the device screen size, iii) whether the screen is HiDPI and the corresponding plugin setting is enabled and, lastly, iv) by the setting of whether the portrait or the landscape orientation of the device should be taken into account.

    Hope I was able to help!


    Hi Takis,

    I did a test in Chrome developer tools, testing in all available devices.

    What I noticed is that the 900-pixel images displayed at 450 pixels are not downsized in these devices; however, except for the Retina screens, I would think the images would be downsized to 400 pixels by Adaptive Images for these other mobile devices. Yes? No?

    Another possible issue is the Featured Images on my home page ( Those three images are each 600 x 465 pixels, and are 173kb, 133kb, and 93kb respectively. All display smaller in landscape mode on mobile phones, yet none of these have smaller versions appearing in the Adaptive Images folder. Are these file sizes considered small enough already for a mobile phone?

    All the default options were left checked as is.

    Plugin Author Takis


    I am afraid I gonna have to ask you for the output of the two debug buttons in the plugin settings page and the url of your website in order to debug this. Especially the url! I do not have sufficient data in my hand to give an answer. 🙁

    Hi Nevma:


    First debug:

    ✔ PHP GD library is installed.
    ✔ Image cache directory has been created.
        /home4/mademer1/public_html/wp-content/cache/adaptive-images => drwxr-xr-x
    ✔ Installation .htaccess file is setup OK.
        /home4/mademer1/public_html/.htaccess => -rw-r--r--
    ❖ Adaptive images settings dump:
        array(12) {
          array(3) {
          string(21) "cache/adaptive-images"
          array(2) {
            string(18) "wp-content/uploads"
            string(17) "wp-content/themes"
          string(6) "0.6.42"

    Second debug:

    Web Server	
    Document Root	
    PHP Time Limit	
    PHP Memory Limit	
    PHP Post Max Size	
    PHP Upload Max Size	
    PHP Max Input Vars	
    PHP Display Errors	
    PHP Error Log	
    MySQL Ext/mysqli	
    MySQL Table Prefix	
    MySQL DB Charset	
    WP Multisite	
    WP Debug Mode	
    WP Site url	
    WP WP Home url
    WP Permalinks /%postname%/ WP home path /home4/mademer1/public_html/ WP content dir /home4/mademer1/public_html/wp-content WP plugin dir /home4/mademer1/public_html/wp-content/plugins WP content url WP plugin url WP Locale en_CA WP Memory Limit 40M WP Max Upload Size 50mb WP Active plugins Adaptive Images for WordPress v.0.6.42 by Nevma Easy Social Icons v. by cybernetikz Image Widget v.4.2.2 by Modern Tribe, Inc. Sassy Social Share v.2.3 by Team Heateor Smart Slider 3 v.3.0.28 by Nextend Velvet Blues Update URLs v.3.2.4 by WP MU plugins

    Hope this helps.

    Plugin Author Takis


    Hello, again,

    All the checks I make show that the plugin is working properly! The only cases you do not see images resized are the cases where the images do not need to be resized according to your settings.

    I noticed that you have the landscape orientation and the HiDPI support enabled. Take this image for instance. It is 599×900 pixels. With your settings when this image is accessed by a device with a screen 480×640 the plugin decides to take into account the bigger screen dimension, which is 640. But the image is already smaller in width than the screen, so the plugin decides to not scale it down and it serves the original image.

    So, you see, that according to one’s settings there are legitimate cases where the images are not resized.


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