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    Hi All –

    I suspect/hope this may be an easy question to resolve, but the answer didn’t jump right out at me from reviewing some of the postings here.

    I installed this plug-in in February sometime. (I really love it, BTW.)

    Have the slider width set to 920 pix and the height to 300.

    For some reason, the *old* images (from before I installed) fit properly/perfectly to the slider display (you’ll see many of these), while the newer articles (since February) just don’t.

    Home Page URL:

    I’ve managed to find a scaling that gets things to fit reasonably and you’ll see this as one of the newer articles slides by. The dimensions that work (with the intentional white space on the right) is: 400 x 300 pix.

    If I leave things alone… a “feature image” image of 2048 x 1536 pix gets terribly clipped in my slider – about 1/3 white space on the bottom and the top of the image is gone.

    Any immediate thoughts on this?

    I have a completely isolated test [LAMP] environment I can experiment with, as needed. Thanks,


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  • Plugin Author Ron Rennick


    MultiSite Guru

    It is WP that crops & resizes images for the image size you specify for the slider. The way to ensure that WP only resizes (and does not crop) is to upload images that have the same aspect ratio as the dimensions set in the slider.

    Hi Ron –

    What puzzles me are two things:

    1) I believe I’ve tried this. First, resizing the feature image in gimp to get to 920 width and then cropping it in a reasonable place to get it to 300 pixel height. Same outcome. (And of course these are the settings I have in the slider.) Some screenshots (and images) from my test environment are embedded [temporarily] in the links just below.

    (I’ve also tried 690 x 920 for the 3:4 aspect ratio [not linked below] – and it’s still seems to resolve the same as you can see in the screenshot [from the fist link] – with all that white space on the bottom.)

    2) The older feature images (pre-plug-in) are truly just fine via the slider rendering.

    Based on my description above, is there something else I may be missing?


    Plugin Author Ron Rennick


    MultiSite Guru

    Your images need to be at least as large as the slider size.

    Well, I cannot say I understand this completely – but I can say that this is now resolved for me. I’ll be resizing and cropping the feature images used by the slider manually/myself moving forward. The dimensions will be precisely those of my slider, based on my theme configurations: 600 pixels wide x 300 pixels high.

    The most perplexing thing, perhaps, is why the resizing functioned just fine for feature images before the slider, but so be it.

    Thanks for reading, and thanks for the help…


    Is it possible to use thumbnails instead of the featured images? It looks kind of odd because the sidebar widget is shaped like a square box, but the photos I take are either horizontal and vertical–not squares, so they don’t really fit neatly into the given space.

    My homepage is:

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