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  • Yo! I’m not exactly a noob to WP, but have reached a ceiling with my skills. I’m currently putting together a site that has pages which filter blog posts based on categories.

    The site under construction is here:

    I’ve set up pages to filter posts with the plugin WP Posts Filter, which is all but working perfectly, except that imagery associated with a post does not appear to be displaying properly.

    See the example page:

    I can edit the HTML pages, but am confused as to what exactly I should add to the page.php for that page. I just need a thumbnail of the Featured Image to show next to the post title, with a teaser etc – in much the same way as each post is listed on the home page.

    I feel I’m punching above my weight to attempt this, so I’m deferring to all you folks with way more skills than I. Little help, plz?

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  • Oh, and thanks in advance!



    Hi markgambino,
    WP Posts Filter doesn’t show the images because it uses the get_the_excerpt() function of WP to generate the excerpt for a post (if there is no). This function cleans the post contents off of the html-tags. That’s why you can’t see in-post images. So, to get images display working, you need to add your own excerpt in the post. You’ll probably need to switch on the display of a post excerpt in the post edit page. To do so, go to Screen settings in the add/edit post page (above the page) and check the excerpt checkbox.

    Thanks, Oleg. I’ve checked the Excerpt box and added a custom excerpt to a post on that page, but imagery is still not displaying. Did I do something wrong?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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