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    I’m having trouble with images not appearing on the front page of the fluxipress theme. I started testing with text only and it worked fine, added an image to a post to test it and it won’t show up on the front page (it will show up when I click through to view the post).

    To create a post I use the post editor, put an image at the top, and place the <!--more--> tag after a sentence or two following the image. (I tried moving the more tag around a bit and all it did was effect the text, the img still didn’t show.)

    I looked around at the Customize settings and the code possibly related to excerpts and it doesn’t appear that there’s anything that would prevent images from showing in fluxipress itself. In fact I picked fluxipress because it appears to handle images quite well in the screenshot of what it’s supposed to create.

    Since I am working with a customized child I tried reverting to just the default fluxipress install to see if my images would work there. No luck. I haven’t personally done anything to the WordPress code, so that sort of tinkering hasn’t caused this. I have no plugins activated.

    I feel like I must be doing something wrong in how I get images to display in excerpts. Are there any tricks or tags I need to use to make them show up in fluxipress on the main page? (I tested some of the other default themes to see if they show images in excerpts and they do, I tested Bouquet, ChaosTheory and a couple others)

    (For reference my webpage is, all posts have different images in their main posts, but none display using fluxipress on the front page.)

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  • I worked out a solution. There’s what I would consider to be a bug in the current version of fluxipress. It doesn’t display images as shown in the screenshot. Images are stripped out in the excerpt (as is the default). You need to make an improved_trim_excerpt function as described here:

    And then you also need to stop when excerpts are displayed in the content-postlist.php file from stripping img tags out of the file before echoing get_the_excerpt(). Hope this helps anyone who had this problem. It took me way too long to work out what the problem was, but the page is looking a lot more like what I wanted now that I’ve worked it out.

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    Sorry Jordie_Y, your request arrived when i was on vacation.

    The images, as shown in the screenshot image, are inserted using the Featured Image dialog when editing your post or page.

    More infos here:

    Most HTML is stripped from the excerpt in order to prevent collisions with the layout and javascript.

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    On a side note, I see this as a feature, as it allows you to use seperate images on the front page (= the Post Thumbnail / Featured Image) and on the post / page (= the image you insert using the post editor).

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