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  • Ambient


    I have tried to make a theme from an existing website. When I uploaded it, 90% of the images are not displaying.

    The web address is

    I got stuck with incorporating my existing thrColFixHdr.css file into the style.css file, so I attached both in the Header.php. Maybe this has something to do with the images not displaying properly.

    I don’t know if there is anything in particular that you need to do with your images, so I just uploaded them to the themes folder.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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  • perfectpools


    I have the same problem, the original “logo” file name was title.png in the themes/images foulder. I replaced it with my logo and renamed the new logo with the file name
    title.png but nothing… this is drving me up the wall.

    Thanks … someone?



    the original poster, your images are all in the wrong places. look at where your css is saying they are, and look at where they actually are. change the image file paths accordingly in your css.

    to the second poster, for one thing, your theme is in double folders, im surprised it works at all. i get this when i try to view your header image
    see where the url shows freshblue-idea-10 folder twice? thats wrong. you uploaded it incorrectly.



    Thx boober you helped me out there, i thought because it unziped that way I should leave it. anyway i have crated the title.png file with NO background, and if you look at the lnik above it shows the logo but out of line and with a white background… thx for all you help and consideration.




    oo i forgot to tell you i did use there .psd file for customizing the original logo, loaded it up but still this oue keeps popping up…



    the logo doesnt show at all for me. i get this

    something is wrong with that image file.



    It happens when the image file gets corrupted or was uploaded as ASCII (instead of binary).



    the settings was on ASCII changed it to binary, to be honest i deleted the complete theme and up-loaded it completly new again and still no title.png,

    The idea is to have it look like

    This is freaky…

    I can’t get the image for my rss feed button to show in my sidebar.

    This is driving me nuts…

    I just uploaded a new theme by Siteground, which I really like, some buttons and graphics show (GIF), some don’t. I’ve tried substituting one’s that do show, messing with float, etc. with no luck. All the graphics are in the same folder, so this is quite puzzling to me. I uploaded a second theme by Siteground, the buttons all work, the header doesn’t show. I’m on WP 2.5,… thanks for any and all help!

    I’m having the same problem. The paths are relative in the source and the images are in the theme images folder.

    The site is at:

    However, the theme images aren’t showing up and when I try to view images directly with the url, for example:

    It shows up. But when I try:

    I get a 404.

    How do I link the images in my CSS/code? I don’t want absolute links because the site’s location will be changing at some point soon. I’d like to be able to maintain a local/staged version of site that is identical to the live site, but without having to change anything to push live.

    I have Proble Also : Images not displaying ini all my page.
    But If image from other URL (outside) my web.. It’s will Display..

    My web :

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