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    I cleared all Page Cache for the first time via W3 Total Cache, because I was troubleshooting another issue.

    After clearing my page did not display all the pictures as usual. Some were missing and most pages were disfigured.
    I edited a page in my Chrome Browser (with browser cache still on and seeing all the images) and there were no issues. I checked the permalinks and they were matching.

    Then I went on to edit a faulty page in another browser and could not save the page. I got
    “Unable to complete action
    Could not pase respronse. W3 Total Cache Error: some files appear to be missing or out of place. Please re-install plugin or remove /home/www/wordpress/wp-content/advanced-cache.php.”
    Full error message:

    When I disable W3 Total Cache, everything works normally. Deleting and reinstalling produced the same issue.

    What are steps to solve this issue? I hope it is a quick fix in the plugin itself. Right now I deactivated the plugin. I did not remoe /advanced-cache.php until now.

    Thanks in advance!
    Kind Regards,

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    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Ok, the other issue I was talking about is gone with deactivating W3 Total Cache!

    For clarification: I had a weird Login-problem for my member site, for which I am using Digimember, a german plugin.
    It started when I switched from Avade Themes to Thrive Themes.

    When customers were opening the courses via URL directly, they could not login fully. The login formular was being shown over and over again. Refreshing the site helped and they were promptly in the member area.
    I contacted Thrive (the menu swapping was broken after switching to Thrive Themes) and Digimember of course. We could not solve the issue, which is now solved by deactivating W3 Total Cache.

    The support of Digimember mentioned the Caching plugins, which is why I cleared the Page Cache for the first time.

    One final thought: The issue with the login started, when I switched to Thrive Themes. After pinning it down now to W3 Total Cache: Are there problems with W3 Total Cache and Thrive Themes?
    It seems connected, which is why I am not starting a new topic.

    If my explaining is not good enough, I will make a video about the 2 issues. I still hope, that it is an easy fix!
    Thank you!

    Plugin Contributor Marko Vasiljevic


    Hello @svenirl

    I am sorry about the issue you are experiencing and I am happy to assist you with this.
    So to confirm, you have switched between the themes, purged toe cache, and the issue started to occur? and before that, there was an issue with the login?

    Regarding the `“Unable to complete action
    Could not parse response. W3 Total Cache Error: some files appear to be missing or out of place. Please re-install plugin or remove /home/www/wordpress/wp-content/advanced-cache.php.”`: You should manually delete the /wp-content/advanced-cache.php and re-enable the plugin. If the issue continues to persist, please completely remove and re-install W3 Total Cache:
    1. Purge Cache (does not apply if the plugin is deactivated)
    2. Deactivate and Delete Plugin (does not apply if the plugin is deactivated just delete the plugin in the plugins section)
    3. Check .htaccess File (make backup)
    W3TC will create many directives in .htaccess file to control the caching behavior. Each section will start and end with comments like “#BEGIN W3TC Page Cache core” and “#END W3TC Page Cache core”.
    Ensure that no residual entries are left over in your .htaccess file after deleting the plugin.
    4. Delete wp-content files and folders
    – cache folder
    – w3tc-config folder
    – object-cache.php (if exists)
    – advanced-cache.php (if exists)
    – dbcache.php (if exists)
    – upgrade folder
    – delete w3-total-cache folder in wp-content/plugins/ (if exists)
    5. Delete Cached Files from CDN (if using CDN)
    Besides deleting all the relevant files, if you use CDN then ensure to purge the cached content from your CDN. This is necessary when you enabled minify option in W3TC settings. You should delete the minified and combined scripts and CSS files from your CDN server to avoid the site breaking on the browser.
    6. Go to your wp dashboard and re-install W3 Total Cache

    As for the login issue, you should keep the Set expires header option disabled in Performance>Browser Cache>HTML&XML section and see if the issue with the login persists.
    I hope this helps!

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    Hi Marko, thanks!

    For the confirmation: Swapped Themes in June, the login Problem came up, trying to figure it out until now. Today cleared the Cache for the first time and the problem with the pictures came up.
    Both problems are gone with deactivating W3 Total Cache.

    Working through your suggestions now! Thank you!

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    Hi Marko,
    I did not have a advanced-cache.php – maybe due to deleting the Plugin earlier?

    Anyway, I carried on and did 1-6 and it solved both problems!
    The Pictures are displaying correctly and the login works flawless. I did not touch the expires header option.

    I will test this further. Thank you so much!
    Kind Regards,

    Plugin Contributor Marko Vasiljevic


    Hello @svenirl

    Thank you for the information.
    I am glad to know that the issue was resolved with the provided steps.
    We would really appreciate it if you could take a minute and post a review here. This will help us to continue offering a top-notch product to users.

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    Hi Marko,
    I will make sure to do that. Win-Win. 🙂
    Thank you!


    After wordpress 5.6 update the W3 Total Cache stops my images.
    I went through the steps 1-6 above and after re-installing the plugin the problem still exist. The only option is to disable the W3 Total Cache plugin.
    Can you help?

    Thread Starter Sven


    after reading about your issues I am hesitant to update wordpress.
    Are there any news about this issue?
    Thanks in advance!



    Hi there

    I am having a similar issue with the WordPress 5.6 update. Majority of the images on my website pages are not loading at all. Deactivating W3 total cache resolves this issue.

    I am looking for a solution if anyone can help!


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