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  1. whatson4
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hi All --

    Here's the lowdown. My site is: http://whatsonmyplate.net

    About a year or so ago I moved my wordpress.com (http://whatsonmyplate.wordpress.com) site to wordpress.org. A few months ago I copied my site to a local host using MAMP in order to change the look of my site. I then moved the local site back to my live wordpress.org site.

    Recently I noticed that some of the images on my older posts aren't showing posts aren't show (for example, December 2009). I then looked at the media folder and saw a bunch of unattached photos. I tried attaching them to the posts but they aren't showing up.

    To add another layer of complexity... I used to have my wordpress.com site redirect to my wordpress.org site. I noticed the other day that the redirect had expired so I deleted my wordpress.com site (I exported the content first).

    What can I do to have my images appear on my site? I'm perplexed!


  2. whatson4
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hi all --

    I still can't seem how to easily fix this. Any tips?

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