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    I just upgraded to WordPress 3.0 from WPMU. The images on the site are not appearing:

    The images are in the directory:

    Could someone suggest which instruction I need to change to make the images work again?

    Many thanks.

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  • SOLVED– For me anyway. Sandists, yes I ran across your idea too and that fixed it for me. Thanks for the input, I should have checked back here sooner.

    I FTPd to my site and changed the name of the directory from Wordpress to WordPress and now the pictures show up. Now I have to decide how best to finish this correction though. If I keep WordPress renamed as is, I have several links to it I have to change etc.

    I could just make another directory JUST for pictures since I dont have that many. Like /WordPress/wp-content/uploads/2010 . This may cause other issues later than I have not foreseen though. There may be an easier way to attack this, I have to research it some though. Ill post back after I decide on the best way. I appreciate any ideas anyone else has to correct this as well. By the way, I don’t remember naming this directory, I swore my original install was through my host providers Admin page.

    Ken, if you have other people linking to your blog or your blog is found in the search engines – you will need a redirect statement in the .htaccess file in the root of your site.
    than you can change links at other sites where you are registered as you can. Hope that makes sense.

    Ken, I tried just changing the name of the folder and it does not work. Oh, it may be able to see the images now – but in order to use a link to the blog – it gives a 404 – page cannot be found. Have you tried using a url to get to a page?

    Went to my host and there are several things you need to do to the mysql database if that’s what you are using for WordPress.

    Some of the tables have to be changed to reflect the new folder name vs the old.



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    Please see the link I posted. The changes are due to a “feature” of 3.0 and you can (currently) use a plugin to override the behaviour, which would save messing around changing directory names or database entries.

    I am somewhat familiar, but I don’t usually have to alter .htaccess file. I did alter is some when I was fighting spam in the beginning so know how to edit it and some syntax.

    I used the redirect statement.
    redirect /Wordpress/

    There’s probably a better syntax for internal to internal, but I kept getting errors so internal to full URL seems to work. With my host and shared space the internal URL is probably going to be something weird like /home2/etc etc. redirect /Wordpress/ WordPress/
    No time to play with that till I know this works.

    That appeared to work until I try to access the admin panel. It comes up but after I log in it just keeps reloading the admin panel. Anyone have any ides?

    Thanks Mrmist, I missed your post. Ill tried the plugin suggestion and it seems to be a temp fix.

    Ken the redirect won’t work unless you change the data in the database from the old name to the new.

    I put the .htaccess file back to the way it was and put the folder name back to the way it was and I’m still looking at the database. I’m going to look at the filter again and see if it’s worth doing anything with before I change the data in the database.

    mrmist – can you repost the link?

    Sandist, this was his link, It basically said install “Remove WordPress to WordPress filter” plugin. Just search for in in your plugins area of Admin. Heres link for them too if you do you plug-ins via FTP:

    I installed it and after it turned off the case sensitive stuff, all is well in my world. Im still testing it too. All seems fine so far. Like he said, they should patch that up next update.

    PS Sandist, is that a commerce theme you use? How easy is it to run the online store thing?

    this is funny – I can’t log in now to run the plugin – Ken did you have any problem with that?

    well, it seems as if the database changed anyway – probably when I attempted before the correct the folder name. So I will not be using the filter/plug in – I’m logged in to the new folder name and seeing the images.

    thanks for everyone’s help.

    Ken the theme I use has nothing to do with commerce. My website is commerce based.

    I followed the 3.0 upgrade instructions and didn’t have any wordpress references in previous version. I do not have the HeadSpace2 plugin installed and I am unable to insert images into my posts. When I start the insert image feature, I no longer get a pop up window and the images are set in the library but not in the post. Is there a permissions feature related to the post?

    I installed the plugin. It worked the first time I did an image widget (my main prob, so I hope). Subsequent times it did not.

    Incidentally, my issue is the same as jacynes’, except my prob is with image widget. I’m sure it’ll be with a post if I write tonight.

    jcaynes – sorry.

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