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    I just upgraded to WordPress 3.0 from WPMU. The images on the site are not appearing:

    The images are in the directory:

    Could someone suggest which instruction I need to change to make the images work again?

    Many thanks.

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  • all my existing images are fine on the site and in the media library. my problem is that i cannot insert any new images and if i use Tiny MCE to insert an image from url, i can’t edit or reposition in wordpress. please help!

    Funny thing is – my wp-content/uploads directory is accessible! But then again I’m running a multi-site installation – which is probably the difference.

    mine’s single site.

    I have a single site and my images are not showing up either.

    Update –

    I have my media upload set to wp-content/uploads, adding year and month
    In the visual screen I can see the image.
    I can see the image with ftp.

    For example – the image is

    If I try to look at it in the browser address, I get page cannot be found.

    The properties of all of the folders is 755.

    So the question is – why can’t the browser see the file?

    My problem’s now solved. It seems one pesky plugin was the problem. See:

    It was recommended that I try a different theme to see if the one I was using was having a problem with the new version. I tried several themes and didn’t see any difference, the images are still missing.

    @ olahill – what plugin? Thanks!

    I’m having the same issues. After updating to 3.0 today, all my pictures uploaded and sitting on server are no longer visible. As with everyone else, they are on the server, I just cant use them. All externally linked pics previously inserted are there, but I cant insert new external pics either. I’ve viewed my blog in Firefox and IE. Also checked using my iphone. None will show the pics.Its not a browser issue, Ive done all the steps here just to make sure

    I read a similar issue happened last year
    It was closed and never resolved. I’d really rather not have to downgrade. I was hoping this was a glitch with new software.
    I was going to try changing themes, but I see Sandists already tried that. Frustrating.

    Tried disabling all my plug ins, but no difference in my issues. Tried again to insert pic using a URL, it shows in the Visual Edit window like the others, but nothing after publishing it.

    Reinstalling 3.0 manually now to see if that does anything. Maybe there was an issue with automatic update. Stated deactivating Headspace2 plug-in solved a few peoples problem. I don’t use that plug-in and I already tried deactivating everything to no avail.

    Kentucky – the problem is that the upgrade has changed the location of the images from WordPress/wp-content/uploads to WordPress/wp-content/uploads – not the change of case in WordPress.

    I guess this only affects those who named their blog folder WordPress – so many others probably just had a folder called Blog, or some such thing.

    I read that you need to change the site settings from WordPress to WordPress before you change the name of the folder. I’m not sure where that has to be done, and I’ve asked my host. If you have any info – let me know.

    Of course changing the name of the folder requires a change to the main site .htaccess file to redirect.

    not the change of case in WordPress.= note the change of case in WordPress.



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    See which may be affecting you.

    Yes, I’ve seen that discussion before – I don’t want WordPress changing the names of my files, images, etc. If it were just a simple solution of changing the main folder name – it would be easy – but I don’t think that’s the case. I think no matter what I do, there are going to be some underlying issues that will pop up.

Viewing 15 replies - 16 through 30 (of 86 total)
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