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  • jlulich


    Just started using wordpress, and wanted to get a demo version of a theme i purchased up and running (

    Followed all the directions per the company I purchased the theme from: but only one problem, none of the pictures are appearing on the site….

    Tried checking a few threads, but could not find anything.

    I tried to follow these directions, maybe something messed up on the way?: To make your WordPress look like our live demo please, follow the instructions bellow.

    Install the template by following the directions
    Then, copy and unzip files from the folder “plugins” to the /wp-content/plugins/ folder or use the admin panel Dashboard > Plugins > Add new > Upload and select your plugin.
    Copy “uploads” folder to /wp-content folder.
    Open the 012.sql file that is located in the sources folder with any text editor (preferably Dreamweaver or Notepad) and replace all instances of “your_website_url_here” with your website URL in the entire document using the Find and Replace tool (usually the Ctrl+H hot key). E.g.:
    Please, make sure that you do not have the forward slash “/” sign at the end of the address.
    Save your changes and close the file.
    Next, you can import the dump file with the phpMyAdmin tool or some other database management tool.

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  • Meiji


    Is the site already live (I suppose it’s the It’s a bit difficult to know exactly where the error is without checking if you did the correct steps, but I suppose the images weren’t imported correctly or you didn’t add the right url in the “your_website_url_here” part. Go to ‘Media > Library’ and check if the images are there.

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    I do remember adding my website to every “your_website_url_here”

    I look in the media- library, and all the images are there, but they are not just displaying right.

    Yes the url is working
    For example, I went in the media-library, and deleted pictures for Slider 1, 2 and 3, and replaced them with the original files… now they appear (×133/) Do i have to do this for every picture… What about the slide show/banner on the home page under the menu bar…. Where do i find those pictures to replace?



    Thanks so much for your help man, its driving me insane



    Hello jlulich! Sorry about the delay, I was not here due to the holidays. Anyways, as I told you, it’s a bit difficult to know exactly from the distance, but let’s try, have you tried updating permalinks? ‘Settings > Permalinks > Save Changes’. It could be good to also go to ‘Settings > General > Save Changes’.

    Plus, it’d good to know, how did you install your WordPress (not the theme)? Was it following the 5 minutes install by WP or the One Click method servers offer?

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    In permalinks, it is set as custom structure:
    I also saved changes, as you suggested. ( in both general and permalinks)

    One click method via godaddy!!

    Let me know! Thank you

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