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  • Hi @rjpivonka,

    Sorry that you ran into issues here!

    Off hand, I can’t say what might be going on so let’s check a couple of things.

    1) When your users are posting their ads, do your fee plans allow for images? All of them? If you’re not charging for ads, do you have images allowed in your settings under Classifieds->Settings, Images tab?

    2) Have you tried a conflict test yet? Here is an article about how to test for theme and plugin conflicts with AWPCP, which may help pinpoint the issue:

    Please let me know.

    Thread Starter rjpivonka


    Users must be logged in to POST adverts.
    We have NO fee plans
    I have FEE FREE plan set to allow 5 images

    I did try Conflict test a few months ago but found no joy there.
    SO, If I am the only user reporting this problem then Either
    My Theme is screwing it up (theme has NOT changed in 1.5 years and uploads DID work early on). But theme has some small problem which prevents me from upgrading PHP to V 7.

    Only other major plugin change has been INDEED ULTIMATE MEMBERSHIP PRO.
    and I cant say if the AWPCP problem coincided with that upgrade or not.

    Because ADMIN and USER get Different Upload screens I am gonna guess its a PHP glitch.
    Does AWPCP fetch/use varying PHP calls for image upload??

    We use the same calls on both sides, with different UI, but each side will load different code, so it’s super important to do a FULL conflict test:
    – Only have AWPCP enabled as a plugin
    – Use a default theme

    If you see the problem there, we have a clear bug…

    But if you don’t, then enable one thing at a time and re-test. Eventually, you’ll find the culprit. Sounds like you have a few candidates, but if your PHP is not at 5.6, that will also cause issues too (AWPCP requires 5.6 or higher)

    Please try the conflict test and report back.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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