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  • I’m writing my first post, and in the text editor the images are aligning correctly depending on what I choose in the image editor – left, center, right, no alignment – and the text is wrapping properly. However, on preview, the images are unaligned and all text is pushed beneath the images. I know that this has been asked in other threads, and I’ve tried everything I could that was suggested in those, but nothing helped. Please advise!

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  • A link to the page your having this problem on is needed.

    Temporarily publish the post and I’ll take a look.


    Is there any way to help without publishing? I’m a columnist on a larger site, so I don’t have the power to publish it myself – and once it is published, I can’t edit it again. Do you have maybe a few tips I can try, covering all possible bases? Thanks!

    Unfortunately Randi I cant be much help without seeing the problem, sorry.

    Perhaps if your give a bit more detail others might be able to help.

    How big are these images your inserting?

    How big is the text/content area on the site?

    Can you perhaps share the link for the site so we can at least see that.

    All the best,

    I hope you did prevent some extra formatting of your text by copy/pasting text from a text editor like Notepad++ (NOT MS Word!) ?



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    Is there any way to help without publishing?

    only the pointer to the corresponding Codex chapter and a link to

    what theme are you using?
    if the theme is not from , you will need to contact the theme’s developer for support.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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