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  • spuitos



    I cannot insert any images in my posts, or my post will definitely look very messed up. The images go through the borders of the post and text is put behind the images, although I have used <br> in de code.

    I thought that I found a solution by putting all images in a table that is defined by 100% width, but this trick in not working in IE (only in FF).

    Is there a way to insert images (whatever size) and then just put text underneath it? What HTML code do I need to use?

    take a look at my website to see what I mean:

    Thanks in advance!


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  • moshu


    Is there a way to insert images (whatever size)

    Whatever size? NO!
    Resize/rework your images in an image editor before uploading.



    with “whatever size” I mean: can I also make them smaller? or do you mean that I always have to make them exactly the same width as the post?



    You can add height and width parameters to your img tag and make the image appear any size you want. If you don’t want to mess with figuring out both dimensions while keeping the aspect ratio, just put in either height or width but not both.



    Yeah well, I have now figured out the problem: If I make an image smaller than the post width, for instance: height=300 and width=300, it puts the tag “read the rest of the post” next to the image (although I put <br> after the image). This is not such a problem, but then it puts the footer/bar of the post (which contains “edit” and “posted in” and “no comments”) right through the middle of the image, and than the whole layout is messed up.

    What can I do to tell the post to go further underneath the image, in stead of next to it…?


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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