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  • Hello,

    Everything is working fine on my blog, except for the images. Oddly enough they look washed out. The theme I use has no “fade / transparency” settings and I’m now completely clueless as to what it could be.

    The same images inserted through iWeb are absolutely fine; they only look washed when uploaded through WordPress.

    Any idea would be highly appreciated.


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    here’s an idea — how about a link to something we can see.

    Sorry about that. Here is the WordPress version (please scroll down to see the images at the end of the post)

    And here is the iWeb one:…Is…la_vie_en_rose_-__recipe.html

    The different is flagrant, but I’m clueless as to why that is.

    Thanks for the help




    ok, the images are different sizes. what or who is doing the resize? wordpress?

    Correct; when i insert them in the post WP asks for sizing. I usually select medium.

    Ok, i just played with different sizes. Clearly the issue is on the sizing and my end.

    Thanks for the help, i should be able to figure it out from here!

    Actually, it seems that if i put the picture full size, the color stays, the one completely at the bottom was “medium size” and looks slightly tainted.
    Does this mean I can only put full size pics?

    He he. I don’t think the problem here is the different size, but the color quality.

    It’s very subtile, but yes, the color are a little more vivid in the second site linked above than in the wordpress blog. But I would not say that the difference is “flagrant”.


    Could it be a setting of the GD library on the server? Or something like that… Maybe Iweb just uses another image processor or GD settings…

    And maybe I’m a total moron… :-)))


    Interesting Simon; my friend couldn’t see the difference from her screen either.
    I’ve uploaded my screen so you can see what i’m referring to. (pics at the bottom)

    Now i’m completely clueless as to where it could come from.

    You’re viewing the two differences on the same monitor, right?

    Yes, the same.

    Hi! I’m having the same problem. I’ve been uploading images for a few months, but just yesterday and today I noticed that the photos I uploaded are faded in color. Rather, dulled.

    I think I figured out my problem (not sure it’s the same for you). In the past I have uploaded JPEG’s and the two that I just uploaded that turned out quite dull are in RAW. I don’t know enough about images, wordpress, etc. But, this must be the reason.


    Hi there.. I know this is an old post, but I am seeing the same problem. I have noticed this is only with jpgs that are resized by GD. It’s most noticeable with strong yellows and reds. I’m guessing it’s a GD issue… I’d really like to get it fixed tho. When you are posting a photoblog it would be nice for the pictures to look as good as when I took them.

    Any ideas on what I can do?


    The good news is this seems to be part of a known bug and there is a work around. The bad news is it’s a small hassle to fix.

    I started noticing color loss from iPhoto to WP, and it was driving me crazy. It seems to affect photos differently, and though I don’t know see a clear pattern, the worst tended to be those I had adjusted in iPhoto, especially where I had increased saturation. The effect was pronounced fading and lots of pixel noise.

    The workaround actually comes from another thread on the subject of animated gifs– but I guessed that this might be an extension of the same issue, and so it is.

    You need to circumvent the WP resizing functions by doing it beforehand in Photoshop, etc.–but that alone will not fix the problem.

    Once you’ve resized, uploaded, and inserted your photo to the post (having selected the “Full Size” option), you need to click the “Edit Image” icon (left corner), then go to the “Advanced Settings” tab and delete the “Width” and “Height” values in the “Size” row. Make sure the fields are empty (not “0”), then click “Update”, and you should be good to go.

    Now the only problem is I’ve got a masters thesis due in three weeks, and so many bleached out posts begging to be fixed…

    Hope that does it for you. Cheers!

    I’m having same problem.

    I don’t know how to show you the image as it appears before posting it on the blog.

    I’ve tried resizing on photoshop to 450px width. i’ve tried changing the values in size row to nothing. Neither of those things change to image at all.

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