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  • Hi, i’m looking for a plugin like this, but instead of titles i wanna use images, can that be done with this plugin ? I wanna use it on a “Our team” page, it only has 4 members, so 4 images, so 4 in a row type deal.

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    This is not a supported feature of the plugin, but a workaround is possible with some custom CSS.

    The icon shortcode parameter in the tab shortcode can be used to output a unique class before the tab title. Then instead of targeting it to add an icon, custom CSS added to the child theme’s stylesheet or using the WordPress customiser’s custom CSS feature can be used to display your images which could be located in your theme’s images folder or added to the media library.

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    Thank for the quick reply, frankly that all sounds fairly complicated and i found a much simpler way in another plugins documentation.

    All i have to do is replace the tab title with <img src='image.jpg' />, so it ends up looking like this:
    [tabby title="<img src='image.jpg' />" ]
    but unfortunately when i load the page all 4 tabs are selected/open and the hidden text for all of them shows at the same time 1 under the other.

    If i click on any of the images then it works perfectly and as i wanted it to.

    Here is the page in case you wanna check it out
    It wont be there for long as i gotta try a different plugin and see if that works any better.

    I tried looking through the code to fix it, but i don’t know enough for that it seems.

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    The plugin was not designed to accomodate HTML within the title parameter, so this is not supported and it might break with a future version.

    So in short, you are telling me not to mess with it, not this way anyway.

    Well it seems the problem is the lack of any letters, just adding a letter before or after the image code fixes the issue of all tabs becoming active.

    Now i just gotta find a way to make those letters invisible.

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