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  • I just moved my wp blog, to Hostmonster. It has wp 3.8.1 now on the new server. On the old server, I couldn’t access phpmyadmin, so I didn’t back up the database. I brought the posts and comments over with a backup, and copied and pasted the image files in their original formats in the Uploads folder on the new blog. The domain is the same.

    The posts call for the images in this format:

    The url of the images in the new file structure are

    I know I can reset the (hundreds) of image links manually, I’ve asked the old server manager to send me the database or talk me through getting phpmyadmin to work for me.

    Is there anything else I can do to (quickly) get my images back?


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  • esmi


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    brought the posts and comments over with a backup

    Given that you did not have access to the database, what kind of backup are you referring to? Is the old site still accessible?

    I ran pluggins (don’t remember which one, duh) I have a /home/chris/Downloads/christineguestdesigns.wordpress.2014-02-20.xml file, that I think was the one I imported, I also have a /home/chris/Downloads/guestdesign_christineguest_myutilitydomain_com_wp_20140220_851.sql.gz one.

    Is the old site accessible? Well, sort of, from the back end. The name server points to the new site now, but I can get at the files on the old server, just not the phpmyadmin. It’s there, it just doesn’t like me. It’s not the cpannel interface, it’s The Easy Site Wizard Pro – which is one of the reasons I’m moving the blog.



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    Which if those two backups did you use? The first is an export file which will not work for images unless both the old & new site are active at the same time. The second appears to be a database backup. If you want to use that file, you would need to review Moving_WordPress. Your only other option is to re-upload and insert all images manually as they have to be registered in the new site’s database.

    I am manually fixing the image links, 2014 is done.

    Thank you esmi

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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