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  1. sophieanne
    Posted 8 years ago #

    My site isn't live yet. I had someone bring over all my content from blogware. Now I see that all the images that were brought over from blogware went to the directory httpdocs.

    Anything new that I've uploaded since moving to wordpress goes to wp-content\uploads and is organized by year and month (which I recognize from options in the admin panel).

    I don't see any of the images that were brought over from blogware in the Manage>Uploads area. How do I get them there? Move them manually?

    Do I then need to reinsert the image into the post to get it to pull from a valid directory? Right now, this is typical code for an image: <img src="http://www.mydomain.com/2007%201108%20chart%201finished_2.jpg" /> which doesn't really refer back to a valid location so I don't understand why this image is even appearing.

    While I'm at it, how do I add an alt tag to an image in wordpress?


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