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  • Good evening,

    I am experiencing the strangest thing on my blog regarding images in pages causing content to disappear.

    I am using the WP 2.6.1 and One Theme ver 1.1

    The site I am building has around 15 pages and I have no problem adding text to the pages.

    When I start to add images things become strange. I can add up to 5 images to a page but if I add more than 5 images and then publish/save the page shows up blank in the content section. The sidebar, header and footer all display as normal and the page looks like it has no content. Indeed even the source code for the page shows no content is present.

    If I go back into the WP admin interface and remove the 6th image (leaving just 5 images) the all the content text and pictures is displayed normally.

    I have swapped images around but no matter which image is the 6th image it will trigger this error. I raised this first on the One Theme board but we can not get our heads around it so I thought Iā€™d bring it to the gurus on these boards to see if anyone has an idea.


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    Change to default theme. Can you see your posts with more than five pictures there? Because if it’s working in default theme, it’s not a WP issue but your theme’s issue.

    We’re experiencing the same pesky issue, which coincides with an update to 2.6.1. We have a number of pages that we publish peoples’ profiles to, and each profile contains a picture. While I haven’t noticed the number of profiles/pictures after which contents disappear, a user will add a profile, click save, and contents of that page are gone… THANK GOODNESS for the page revisions, the discovery of which has prompted a mad frenzy of saving after each and every profile. One thing I have noticed though, is that just prior to each time the page loss occurs, is an inexplicable [Autosave] by Userxxx entry in the page revisions. The weird thing is that this user isn’t the one who last updated the page prior to the disappearance, and often isn’t even logged in, or on the web at the time.

    I’m having this problem too, only for me it works for up to 10 photos. As soon as I add my 11th photo, the page content all vanishes. What is going on here???

    I’m having this problem too, and can’t find any ways to resolved it šŸ™

    It’s still error, maybe I change to other blog enginer

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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