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  • I am having problems with the New Facebook View and Wordbooker.

    I used to use “Publish as wall post” with Wordbooker, which would publish a title, text, and images to my organization’s Facebook wall.

    However, in the New View of Facebook, the Wall Posts don’t show images and text, just the title.

    How do I get the New View to show images and text on my wall using Facebooker?

    When I select “Publish as a Note” or “Publish as a Status Update”, all I get is the title and the text.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Plugin Author Steve


    Publish as a note will create a note – so the post on your wall will simply contain a link to the Facebook Note.

    A Status update is just that – its just the status attribute line.

    If you want the post extract then you need use the regular post or post as a Link.

    Its all documented in the user manual.

    Thanks for responding, but that doesn’t address my issue.

    As I said, when I choose “Publish as Wall Post” (the only other option I see), it does not appear correctly in Facebook’s new view for pages.

    Just as it did for individuals, Facebook Pages will now have that updated timeline view.

    It used to be that I just selected “Publish as Wall Post” and it would import the title, text, and image for a WordPress entry to Facebook.

    However, with the new timeline view, those same entries that were perfect before now just display the title and a tiny image — no post text. That won’t work.

    How can I fix this? I want the timeline view to show everything for imported WordPress posts. Otherwise, it’s useless.

    Plugin Author Steve


    Can you do a screen grab because I don’t see that over on the Wordbooker wall:

    You could try the Post as a link option – but as you are on 2.0.9 which dates from last year that option isn’t available.


    Old View – The way I like it

    New View – Don’t like it

    I will trade to upgrade ASAP. The webadmin guy, who doesn’t work in my physical office, seems to have changed the login passwords and I can’t update plugins right now.

    Plugin Author Steve


    You should be able to ungroup the posts – I think its on the option drop down at the top right of the group.

    Hey Steve,

    Thanks for all your help on this. I still don’t see where the ungroup option is. However, the Publish As Link option seemed to do the trick perfectly.


    Through this post it´s obvious that before timeline it was possible to push big photos to the wall via wordbooker. That´s why I asked my web developer to use wordbooker. After timeline was launched this was not possible. Then I did it like dwharrington to publish it as a link, which was not really satisfying, because as a photographer I would like to have a real eyecatcher there. Now even the link thing is not working any longer. I see the link, but no image. Not even a tiny thumbnail. About two months ago at least this worked. What is going on? Any help would be appreciated.

    Plugin Author Steve


    Diagnostic messages may tell you why there is no image in your posts…. sometimes FB lags on images for posts with them appearing a few minutes later.

    Links to posts where the images are not showing would help, as would your support information.

    I will be adding the ability in a future version of Wordbooker to push images up to FB photo albums but it wont be in the next release.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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