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    Hi all,
    I have an issue with the rendering of images in I.E.
    yes I know I know.. IE is the worst, but sadly we still have clientele who use it.
    Trouble is the images are massive and as a result in IE you can’t see the events themselves.
    Any tips, CSS fixes/hacks or pointers would be gratefully received.
    Many thanks.

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    PS I have temporarily edited the original files.
    It’s no biggie to adjust posters when making them, was just hoping there could be a solution to CSS resizing for IE.

    Love your “handle”… sounds like the name of a great rock and roll band.

    I looked at my website.. in the Death Star browser…
    and Darth Vader has not corrupted the Jedi Masters.

    But I don’t have a lot of users uploading images..
    But uploads by them are not being “corrupted” as you mention.

    You kind of know what you are doing…

    Could it be as simple as going into the generic settings of WordPress..
    Settings -> Media…
    and set the Max size for Large.. and thusly the other Medium and Thumbnail.

    I have had to use CSS for my specific Events List.. obviously you would use Inspector to discover your needs… but it would look similar to this for my Thumbnails in an Events List..
    `class=”attachment-125×69 size-125×69 wp-post-image”

    As in the above generic settings for Media.. my thumbs are set at 125×75.. but it needs the above slight change to 125×69 for the CSS to work.
    Using the Inspector you’ll know.

    But you say it all looks good in FF or other browsers…

    I am not part of support.. just poke my nose in when thins are slow..

    With the greatest respect to the support team here.. this type of question may be out of their support policy.

    It doesn’t mean they can’t help but out of their wheel house as it pertains to maybe a theme or wordpress issue.

    Post a link if you wish to the problem.. can’t say I can help. Maybe somebody might.
    Have a great day 🙂

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    Can you post a link to your site?

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    Hi @robswaimea 😀
    hehe thank you. Bit out there eh?
    Thank you, what I did was this;
    images > edit original > set to decent sized for thumbs and medium size image > save > refresh = job done.
    Basically the image sizes were way OTT. Now this doesn’t really fix the I.E sizing issue itself, but it stops it from happening.
    I do believe after some searching that I.E image resizing using CSS in WP is a known issue.
    So will just keep the sizes at a respectable w/h and take it from there.
    Thanks for the help, it’s appreciated and I apologise in the delay responding.
    Have an amazing week. 🙂

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