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  • I’m working on this website: and have run into an error where some of the images aren’t showing up. It only seems to be images uploaded in 2013 that are problematic.

    The error began yesterday, seemingly after I briefly tested a different permalink structure. I literally changed the permalinks, looked at the site, and changed them right back. Now photos uploaded via wordpress in 2013 do not appear, despite seeing them still where they ought to be via ftp.

    Following the direct link to the images throws a 500 internal server error. The site is on a windows server, but I am not the server admin. I simply have access to the ftp account and the wordpress admin area.

    I’ve found articles explaining a similar error occurring upon upload on servers running IIS, but never happening after the fact. These articles explained that it had to do with php uploading to a temp folder, and then the images receiving that folder’s permissions, before being sent to the final upload folder.

    But how could these photos suddenly now have restricted permissions after changing the permalink structure back and forth?

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