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    I have a multiste setup, and am using the MU Domain Mapping plugin in order to give every site its own domain name.

    The problem is that some images are being displayed on the website, and others aren’t, while all images are available and can be reached.
    However, I noticed one thing; the image addresses are different.

    My question concernes more sites, but this is one example:
    The ‘WP network url’ is
    And the ‘displayed domain’ is

    All the lacking images are rendered as:
    <img src="">
    While all the correct displayed images are rendered as:
    <img src="">

    And again, when accessing the images directly, all of them are there, regardless the url.

    I thought that this my be realated to the fact that I’m using a sub domain for the ‘display domain’, or that it is theme related (This is a commercial theme). But it seems it isn’t, since I have exactly the same problem wirh websites with custom build themes on a ‘main domain’.

    Does anyone have an idea what’s causing this and how I can solve this?

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    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Thanks for your answer James. However this seems a ‘last resort’ solution. More a workaround then a solution. So before using a plugin like this, I rather find out what is causing this. (Or maybe I’m too stubborn 😉 )
    Both URL ‘versions’ are valid image urls’s, both lead to a valid, existing image. Nevertheless one works fine and the other displays a broken image as if the image is not there.
    I checked it with the Chrome developer tools, and found out that the problem images don’t have a HTTP status (like 200, or 404) but a browser message: net::ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT

    [edit] OK, this is not WordPress related.
    I just found out that it must be one of my browser extensions. (Probably some add blocking thing). If I check it with a completely default Chromium browser (No extensions or additional changes) than it works fine and the images are all there.
    PS. it’s Privacy Badger

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