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    I’m abit of a newbie to wordpress and have just found this theme and think it could be great for what I am trying to achieve. I have been playing around with the featured pages element on my home page but for some reason my images wont seem to fit right. I have tried resizing them and making them smaller but that doesnt work either.
    Can anyone offer any help please? or let me know what I am have done wrong??

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  • Link to site always help.

    But did you set the Images at 270x250px as that’s the recommended dimension.

    Thanks for reply.
    thought I put a link on before…try again


    and yes have set them to the rec dimmensions, the cat one is still at that size but they not fitting right…confusing!
    any ideas?

    This what is coming through:

    <img width="200" height="242" alt="dog silhouette" class="attachment-medium wp-post-image" src="">
    <img width="249" height="250" alt="cat_silhouette" class="attachment-tc-thumb wp-post-image" src="">
    <img width="200" height="206" alt="rabbit silhouette" class="attachment-medium wp-post-image" src="">

    Doesn’t look like 270×250 to me 😉

    odd…I scaled the cat one but its not done right….
    have tried again..just with the cat image (middle one) but still not working? have i still not scaled right??…grr confusing!!


    <img width="200" height="242" alt="dog silhouette"
    <img width="270" height="250" alt="cat_silhouette"
    <img width="200" height="206" alt="rabbit silhouette"

    Oddly, the cat doesn’t look right even with correct dimensions.

    Try using a photo editor (eg Photoshop) to get all at 270×250?

    well I have tried re doing the images and set them at 270×250, i just made some simple images in photo shop, but still not working!
    very confusing and slightly frustrating!
    new images

    ah I figured it out. The image files were the right size but the actual image of the animal was to big so have made them smaller within the image and it fits and works….just got to find nicer images now!
    Thanks for help 🙂

    Look, your images are fine now. The problem is that you want that when you hover on the “circle” you could see the whole “cat”.
    That’s my opinion (hope I’m not wrong):

    Since round-div (the div that “paints” the circle) is 170px x 170px, and when you hover over it will be scaled with a factor 1.4 , then you have to make an image still 270×250 BUT the content you want to display, in its entirety, on hover should be max (170 * 1.4)px (170*1.4)px =~ 240×240 .

    Looks OK to me in FF27. Did you refresh your page((Ctrl+F5 in Windows; Apple + R or command + R in Mac/Apple; or simply F5 in Linux)

    @d4z_c0nf, thanks. That’s a great explanation!

    So I’m not wrong, :D.
    Hope this could help ceetee

    They all look like they are now working to me.

    Ah, don’t forget to consider the border radius, I mean consider that angles will be “cut”(and rounded).

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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