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  • Jairo Ochoa



    Since I’ve imported a blog from Blogger I’ve noticed that file names are not quite fine.

    Let’s see this example:

    BLOGGER: bizcocho%2Bmanzana%2B2.JPG
    WP: bizcochomanzana2.jpg

    1. Original file name: bizcocho manzana 2.JPG
    2. Blogger: spaces are replaced by “+” symbol bizcocho+manzana+2.JPG which equals bizcocho%2Bmanzana%2B2.JPG
    3. BIE: HTML entities are deleted bizcocho+manzana+2.JPG

    What if “+” where replaced by spaces ?, then file name would be bizcocho-manzana-2.JPG and title bizcocho manzana 2

    The same to any HTML entity %20, %21, … %2B, etc

    By the way, “bizcocho de manzana” means “apple cake” 🙂

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  • Jairo Ochoa


    There is a mistake on point 3, it should be like this

    • 3. BIE: HTML entities are deleted bizcochomanzana2.JPG


    Hi Jairo,

    We escape media item names for SEO purposes (they’re easier to search for) but we can definitely look at introducing an option in the future to disable it before the import.


    Jairo Ochoa



    I agree with you.
    For SEO purproses is much better bizcocho manzana 2 than bizcochomanzana2

    Blogger choose is the worst bizcocho+manzana+2 or bizcocho%2Bmanzana%2B2

    Thats why I suggest replacing + or %2B by ” ” (space)

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