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  • I have just learned, that by viewing the images directly, then going back to the site, the images are in view.
    They just dont seem to show up, on the pages first download.
    This could be a problem soley with my browser. Does anybody see the header image, right off the bat, when they view the site?

    I don’t.
    I would recommend absolute paths though, as otherwise, when using mod_rewrite, the path will be wrong.
    Strange we don’t see it though…


    Have you tried setting up WP without using tables? Although I can link to the image directly, it does not show up when visiting the site (at least for me).

    The url to that style sheet looks very wierd to me. It can’t do any good to have index – something for the css.

    Plus the img src tag has not got a closing forward slash /. Just a thought.

    There is also something very wierd immediately prior to the image being called. It looks like a call for the whole page again. That would be an endless loop.

    Thanks for all the help. Im lookin’ into the forward slash, and that endless loop call.
    There are tables in it. Does that have an affect on the images?
    Because, I tried using an image in the default index that WP comes with, and I was having the same problem, so I figured I would try tables. But as you can see… i have the same problem.
    And the CSS name, index-chad-style.css shouldent really matter, should it? It may not be the normal way of naming a stylesheet. But I would be surprised if it messed anything up. The reason I named it that, was so that it appeared right next to the index.php in my file list.

    the forward slash WAS the answer to the main banner image.
    One more Q.
    I have the banner BG IMG in the stylesheet. Would I need to put a forward slash in the CSS somehow, to get it to show?

    in #header, you have a background-image (in firefox I’m not seeing the stars at the bottom) but you are also wanting logo.jpg to appear where the empty box is.
    Can you combine them ?
    Otherwise my guess is to use some other css to position logo.jog after the other image is loaded.

    You mean combine them in the CSS? Im not sure how.
    I just have the image in the cell, done with the HTML.
    and the BG IMG done in the CSS. But I cant seem to make that bg img show for nothin.
    Another question. Is it generally a bad idea to use tables for WP?
    Does anybody know the pros and cons?

    Thanks Beel, podz, root and the rest.
    Beel – Thats what I need to do then.
    You guys have been awesome.

    Tables are good.
    Tables are important.
    Tables are necessary.
    (For a 10 year old at school anyway 🙂 )

    Excellent Beel. You are the man!
    (unless you’re a woman… then you’re not the man, you’re the woman)

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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