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Images don't show after site move, upgrade (6 posts)

  1. fishercat
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I have a multi-user site, moved to a new server. The server is local, accessible to the web. I was running WPMU and moved and upgraded to 3.0
    Server OS - Mac Server 10.6 (unix)
    Installed 3.0 and updated database from a backup.
    Interfacing with database fine all posts and users are there. I replaced the wp-content/blogs.dir directory from backup. Permissions on blogs.dir are 777 recursive
    Images are not showing up. Images are there in the blogs.dir and if I choose Edit Picture I see the image. If I look in Media Gallery I see the names of all the graphics but not images.
    I have tried renaming blogs.dir and uploading a new image to a blog, causing a new blogs.dir to be created. The image is there in blogs.dir but does not show up in the post, just a placeholder.

    Mod rewrite is enabled but may not be working properly as pretty permalinks are not working, only default.

    .htaccess is writeable

    Can anyone help?

  2. memitch08
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I'm having the same issue.

    I believe I've pinpointed the problem to the directory blogs.dir/#/files - the "files" directory for me is inaccessible.

    I worked around it by changing "files" to "uploads" in .htaccess, and in the site editor for upload path and Fileupload URL. This worked for my site 1 - but does not work for the rest of my sites - even if I follow the exact same procedure. A blogs.dir/#/files directory is created that is inaccessible?

  3. memitch08
    Posted 6 years ago #


    Look at this in ms-functions.php

    if (! is_subdomain_install() )
    		$illegal_names = array_merge($illegal_names, apply_filters( 'subdirectory_reserved_names', array( 'page', 'comments', 'blog', 'files', 'feed' ) ) );

    I have a subdiretory install. How do I get a filter to fix it? Anyone - someone?

  4. Mod rewrite is enabled but may not be working properly as pretty permalinks are not working, only default.

    Then you need to add this to Apache:
    AllowOverride FileInfo Options

    Or, get your host to do it.

    @memitch - if your permalinks aren't working, then yes, you have the *exact* same problem.

    I thought you stated in the other thread your permalinks *were* working. If so, then you still have a different issue.

  5. fishercat
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Thank you Andrea. We are hosting the install locally so we have access to everything.
    In apache2/httpd.conf I have changed
    AllowOverride All

    So change the All to FileInfo Options

  6. Is that the general one, or the one in the vhost entry for that account?

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