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  • Haha it’s fine! Thanks so much! I hope this helps! vlad90


    Whenever the zip file is finished downloading, it automatically un-compresses the file and turns it into a folder. I’ve tried to upload it like this, did not work. I also tried to compress the file myself, still no luck. Help one for time?! Thank you! vlad90

    Oh! Disregard that! Issue solved! Thanks for your help!

    Mine just hangs. It seems to be trying to load but it just sits there. It’s on my home page. This is not good.

    yay! thank you vlad90, You saved my day! Though the options to remove rivalite, install easingslider, remove settings and upgrade to riva and add sliders did not work for me, again it was giving the same problem like cutting off my images by 23%. So I set easing slider back in action and gonna leave it there for now until Matthew comes up with a solution. Thank you all!

    You are the man @vlad90. Thanks for the assist on this. My site was straight busted.

    Great new update! This makes it far better than the other (flash) slideshows. There is enough room for improvement though but it’s a very good start, keep up the good work.

    Some things i would like to see:

    – show titel below image
    – use random transitions
    – borders (including shadows etc.)

    Plugin Author MatthewRuddy


    Hey everyone, sorry for the delays. Working on GMT here, so had to get some sleep while all of this was going on!

    The update procedure was throughly tested, it all should have went fine. But of course, as always, that isn’t normally the case. No matter how much testing is done there always seems to be a few hiccups, so bare with me. I’ll be on the forums for the next couple of days extensively, so I will be here to help.

    I’d really like to get this sorted for your guys as soon as possible, so if anyone is willing to bite the bullet and upgrade again for me that would be great. Then post a link to your malfunctioning slideshow, and I’ll use my browser tools to diagnose.

    In upgrading, your old Easing Slider settings will not be deleted, so you can always just roll back. The only way to delete them permanently is to do so via the Riva Slider “Lite” ‘Settings’ panel.

    @jacobslive That sounds like you’re having some styling issues. Potentially just a small bug. If you can also link me to your site, I’ll get looking at it immediately 🙂

    @frano09 Thank you so much for your praise. The upgrade has been a little rocky, but the codebase is now extremely solid and a great platform for future improvement. A lot more to come! 🙂

    I’ve created a post with some information on the upgrade, so feel free to have a look at it 🙂

    I think a problem lies in the fact that when RivaSlider deletes old images, it doesn’t remove the URL attached to it. I noticed after I deleted the original slides I’d get phantom boxes in the image list before they’d disappear. Hope that info helps.

    Plugin Author MatthewRuddy


    Hi Vlad, Riva Slider doesn’t actually physically delete any images from your WordPress site, so this seems unusual. It uses the default WordPress thumbnails in the admin area, so that should be ok. I’ll look into it. Anymore information you can provide would be great, my email is



    Sorry but i’m not technical (hence having a word press web site).

    I have just upgraded to Riva Slider and wished i hadn’t as i now have a big white cogg covering the whole page, rather than my slide show..

    The odd thing the horrible white cog does not show on my smart phone

    Can anyone help (in non Technical terms) or help me unistall this and get the old plug in back?


    Plugin Author MatthewRuddy


    Hey @kartingextremeverbier, I’ve replied to your email. Happy to help, get back to me when you can 🙂

    I’m having the same problem….updated the plugin for my old slider this AM and it automatically went to this one and stopped working.

    I’ve tried editing, un-installing and re-installing. Can’t find my old slider.

    I did a promo with Dr. Drew yesterday and am getting tons of hits and my homepage is down….how do I fix this and get it to load or go back to my old slider? I searched “easing slider” in plugins and it’s no longer there. GREAT timing.

    Plugin Author MatthewRuddy


    Easing Slider should show up when searching, that is a problem beyond my control.

    Here is a link to the older version.

    As mentioned in some of my other posts, v2.0.1.1 seems to have tied up some of the loose ends regarding upgrade problems, so feel free to give that a try before making the choice to downgrade.

    Hey Metthew,

    I still have the same proble, and the main website I moved to another hosting, just check whats wrong, maybe its issue with host, I tried everything…

    here is demo website, in which I working right now (

    on the tom its Easing Slider and under Riva Slider new one…which is not working…
    I need slide videos, thats why I asking about Riva…

    Please help me…

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