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  • Hi. So we recently transferred our site to a new user under the same hosting plan, and are running into some minor issues.

    [Note: the transfer didn’t include any manual moving of files via FTP, but rather was handled by Dreamhost. Files were copied from home/*USER1* to home/*USER2* within the same hosting account]

    The full media library did transfer, and I can see all media when I go to Dashboard -> Media -> Library (and I verified via FTP that the files are all there, under wp-content/uploads), and all images from the library show up fine on the website itself.

    But, when I am editing or creating a new post/page, and attempt to use “add media”, none of the images from the library appear there. It is simply blank, giving me no option to use previously uploaded images. I can still upload a new image from my computer and use that, but cannot access existing uploaded images.

    Is there perhaps a setting somewhere that is causing “add media” to search for the media library under our the old user? (the same files still exist there, as we have not deleted the database from the old user account yet). I suspect something like this is the issue, but have no idea how to verify or fix it.

    Any help resolving this would be much appreciated.

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