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  • Same issue here. I updated it through wordpress and just noticed everything stopped working. I deleted it and started from scratch. No images are using LBP anymore. any advice?

    I updated to 2.5.5 and still does not work… 🙁

    Still does not work after updating to 2.5.5

    Plugin Author Dan Zappone


    Hi Dan

    Thank you for the quick answer. It does not work 🙁 It’s strange because in the backend the test works fine (in version 2.5.6b, 2.5.5 and 2.5.4). The problem is in the frontend.

    Plugin Author Dan Zappone


    @christiandve I do see a JavaScript error on line 84 of script.js. This could be causing the problem.

    A quick observation. With 2.5.6 beta plugin picks up an image in a “read more” setup. Image is shown but not whole post. Like an excerpt. 2.5.5 and that post in for example a category loop would not pop up. Now it does.

    Make sense? Well either way continue 🙂

    Using jQuery 1.9 btw.

    Thank you Dan. It’s strange. Iy says jQuery.browser is undefined but the error only appears sometimes. Maybe there is a new version of jQuery and jQuery.browser.msie is deprecated. I have to investigate and it’s strange because I didn’t change anything in the last days.

    @dan, I changed the Theme to twenty ten and still does not work. There must be something else but it’s going to make me crazy.

    You have a plugin forcing latest jQuery 1.9 from Google CDN.

    Not wise as it does it in a stupid way, caching is hosed with “/1/”, but with jQuery 1.9 it has become critical as a migrate.js script is required to fix incompatible scripts. You do not load that so this can cause issues. The plugin forcing jQuery load has no clue of jQuery 1.9 and the almost required migrate.js file. Dev. thought he/she was smart using “/1/” as then latest version would always load. Nope not smart! Tons of scripts are not 1.9 compatible. Is only a little trick for devs., should not be in released plugin.

    Load both if on 1.9 and then check error console which will tell you when jquery-migrate-1.0.0.js is working = saving you from broken scripts.

    If relevant for this popping up issue I dont know but very likely will be for what ever else you run. I dont know how bleeding edge Lightbox dev. is but you probably should do testing on the version coming with WordPress 3.5 – that would be 1.8.3

    Works fine for me on jQuery 1.9 but JS can act up in mysterious ways. You definitely will want migrate.js script if not very much on top of jQuery issues.

    @tzdk thaaaaaaaanks for the clue!!!!!! Solved!!!! The plugin was WP-Socializer. I had to download all the plugins and search through them the googleapi string. As I cannot remove it completely (now I don’t have time to look for another social sharing plugin) I commented in the code that part and seems to work fine. I know I shouldn’t do that… If you lived in Spain I’d invite you!

    @dan: sorry and thank you for your time and plugin. Now I installed again 2.5.5.

    Plugin Author Dan Zappone


    @christiandve No worries. Though the latest colorbox.js should work with jQuery 1.9 if another plugin has a problem with it the script will fail.

    @tzdk still looking at the “read more” issue.

    I forgot to mark this thread as solved. Sorry 🙂

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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