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    I’m testing a new site where I reuploaded the images, only this site is not using jQuery Colorbox and the images are crispy and loyal to their original tone, yet going back to the original site where jQuery Colorbox is installed, they are much darker.

    Just for fun, I installed jQuery Colorbox on the new site, Regenerated the images and indeed the images are now back to a darker tone.

    I seriously thought it was a browser display or Color manager issue with my image editor program, but Nope, it seems to be JQuery colorx the cause.

    Is there a compression going on somewhere that causes a darker tone? If so, can we disable it?

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    my plugin is a wrapper for the Colorbox library by Jack Moore.
    The way you describe it, this sounds like a bug.

    Have you tried turning off image scaling? Maybe it’s the algorithm that does the resizing.

    He uses Stackoverflow as his support forum. I guess you could ask there.


    Funny enough, if I set the Media gallery to lower display dimensions (1200 x 1000) the quality of the images remains intact but we obviously loose the full dimensions as they get re-sized, its only when I had the Image gallery previously set to 1900 x 1200 that I noticed a darker tone in the images, does this even make sense to you?

    Reason why the Media gallery is set so high is due to High resolution uploaded images, I figured that by setting the Media gallery as high as reasonably possible, it would maintain the quality of the images.

    What I’m also wondering is that if the plugin Regenerate Thumbnails has anything to do with this.

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    is 1900×1200 the original resolution or is that even higher?

    Maybe the Colorbox library does weird stuff with the images when it tries to resize the image to it’s original size?


    I would say average dimension sizes of the images are 1000 in width and 900 in height, I think I had the Media gallery set too high and hence why it was acting weird on the compression level, now that I reduced it to a more reasonable settings, the images kept their original tone, let’s say this is resolved for now 🙂

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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