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  • I am using a hacked theme which contains variations of GlamurYellowRed-10 and NotSoFreshe. I have no idea what is causing this but when I am browsing my site in FireFox and I click the refresh button once or twice, my header image along with my sidebar header images disappear. I have recently added an RSS feed image button and sometimes that disappears as well. Sometimes, the header image will disappear while other images load and vice versa.

    When the header image goes blank, I right click on the header area and click the VIEW IMAGE option and sure enough, the image displays so I have no idea why it would disappear on certain page loads. I try to get the header image back by clicking the refresh button multiple times but that doesn’t seem to work. I can only get the images back when I click on the HOME link on my blog. I seem to be able to replicate the problem just by clicking the refresh button in Firefox.

    Does anyone have a clue as to what may be going on here?

    The site in question is

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  • I was clicking around in FF on your site – the header and other images were always displayed.
    (FYI: in the introductory text for the sake of credibility correct their to there. Even if I am not a native English speaker, I know it is wrong…)

    Thanks for the word clarification. I also had a friend check out my site in FireFox and all of the images displayed for him as well. I suppose it’s just a localized problem for me 🙁

    I’m having a similar issue…

    The image is uploaded and on the http://ftp…but it doesn’t show up and I have no idea why.

    check source…it should show up but it doesn’t lol.

    And if I change image to “none” it STILL tries to show up and shows up blank. I have to delete the image from the ftp to go back to default dark blue.

    Theme is k2.

    1. Don’t post in a “resolved” thread. Nobody will look at it.
    2. You are in the wrong forum – go to

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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