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  1. jboyce
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I was working on my first very simple table for WordPress, which was a simple 3 column x 2 row table with images in the top row and a text link in the bottom one. I made a few revisions to the size of the images etc without problems, then on one update they suddenly started to disappear?! First the images in the second and third column went, then all of them, only one shows the alt text now after trying to fix it.

    Can someone help, I'm completely stumped. Here is a copy of the code I'm using after downloading to excel. Thank you.

    ;"";"<a href=\""http://northeastthermal.com/?page_id=133\""<img src=\""http://northeastthermal.com/wp-content/images/2011/08/metal-roof-e1314732750761.jpeg\"" alt=\""metal roof perform series\""
    title=\""metal roof\"" width=\""300\"" height=\""225\"" class=\""aligncenter size-full wp-image-69\"" />"
    <style=\"bold\"><center><h2>Impressionâ„¢ Series<href=\"http://northeastthermal.com/?page_id=129></h2></center>;"<style=\""bold\""> <center><h2>Characterâ„¢ Series</h2></center>";"<style=\""bold\""><center><h2>Performâ„¢ Series</c></h2></center>"

  2. TobiasBg
    Plugin Author

    Posted 4 years ago #


    from what I can see in the code (at northeastthermal.com/?page_id=66), there is a closing > missing in the HTML code for the link (the <a... part), in front of the <img part. Thus, your HTML code is invalid and does not display correctly.
    Also, in the third cell, there is a line break too much.


  3. jboyce
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Thank you Tobias, I guess it turns out that the problem isn't in the table at all, but in my lack of coding knowledge... Thanks so much for the quick reply.

    What would be an appropriate donation for your development and support (again, novice here), and where can I make one?

    Thanks again, progress is being made thanks to you.


  4. TobiasBg
    Plugin Author

    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hi Joe,

    yeah, that code can be a bit tricky at times, and especially finding the cause of an issue can be hard...
    For your table, the fix should be easy: Just re-add that > before each instance of <img.

    Thank you for wanting to donate. You can do so through PayPal or have a look at my wish list, see http://tobias.baethge.com/donate/ Any amount is greatly appreciated.

    Best wishes,

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