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  • My website it

    I have a lot of thumbnail images on my site. The problem is that on certain computers, WordPress does not send the “img src” part of my thumbnail code.

    On good computers a thumbnail’s source code looks like:

    <a href="(imagelocation)"><img src="(thumbnaillocation)" /></a>

    And when it is not working it looks like:

    <a href="(imagelocation)"></a>

    Essentially, it strips the image itself out from the link to the fullsize image.

    This happens randomly to different images on bad computers. Some pageloads work with all images even on bad machines. In most cases it tends to send a random combination of about 10% of the images. For example, my portfolio page shows 2 or 3 out of about 20 images. Both bad and good computers are using recent versions of Firefox.

    Anyone have an idea about this? It’s very confusing.

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  • I see the thumnbails fine on your site using IE6.

    Please point to a specific picture where this is occuring. Also what browser and OSS is this occuring in?

    This is one image that consistently disappears:

    Its’ thumbnail is:

    Also note that only images which are part of page content vanish. The theme is always intact.

    Is there really nobody out there who can help?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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