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  • Hi all,

    am i’m right in thinking that… if someone exported a wp blog as an xml doc using the exporter in the back end, but didn’t back up the database, that the images wouldn’t automatically slot back into the posts when the data was imported into another blog? And that it would be impossible to get them to after that without doing it manually?

    I’ve been given an xml wp backup file (by a desperate friend) that was made using the backend export function in wp. no db backup took place. the original blog has been booted off the server by a moody ex-biz partner and no longer exists.

    all the images are perfect in the blog up until Dec 08 which i believe is when it was migrated from blogger.

    after that there are links displayed in the posts but you can’t see the images. there are also no thumbnails for the images in the media library, although there are for the older images.

    i’ve put all the images in the upload folder, the misc ‘store uploads in folder’ setting is on wp-content/uploads. all the relevant file permissions are on 777. have tried on fresh installs of wp in subdirectories and on a seperate server – no joy.

    here’s the offending blog

    any help much appreciated

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