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  • For no apparent reason that I can figure out, our wordpress editor has started changing the absolute links of images to relative links when you try to move an image within the wordpress editor. To be clear, images are inserted using absolute links, but when you move them in the editor, they switch to relative links.

    Any ideas? Saw another post on this from about a year ago, but it had no replies and was closed.

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  • A couple of my clients are also having this problem. Whenever you try to copy/cut and paste any images in the editor, the paths of the pasted images are changed from absolute to relative. The relative paths are leaving out the subdirectory wordpress is installed in, so the images no longer display.

    eg absolute path:

    relative path that it gets changed to:

    I can’t figure out what’s going on! It seems to be happening with two client sites on the same server, but another client wordpress site on a different server isn’t doing it. So maybe its a server setting causing the issue?

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