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  • hello ive noticed that the images on the site are beeing cut from the original and im loosing the edges of the images….ive tried reducing the image size…. the content size in the theme appears to be 500px ive reduced the image to 450px but im still looseing the edge of the image has anyone got any ideas how i can solve this apart from cutting the image slightly larger to counteract the crop when i put it on the page???

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  • After 4 clicks, this is the page I saw with some images
    The first two images are 150×150 thumbnails. I assume that before you clicked “insert to post”, you had chosen “Thumbnails”. That will crop the photo to get that square thumbnail in your post.
    The larger images in that page are “Medium”-sized crops of your original. So you might opt for “Medium” photo to be inserted into post, which resizes the original photo to max 300px width or 300px height.

    thats not the problem the images are going in at the size i want but when i upload the image it is beeing cropped from my original and im loosing the outer edge of the image from the original

    the images are going in at the size i want

    I see you are uploading photos that are originally 750px wide. If you want a photo that wide in your post, that’s do-able. Just click on “Full-size” before you click on “Insert to Post.”
    HOWEVER, you should EITHER change your theme because the #content width is only 501px and you will break the layout if you put in the 750px full size photo OR resize photo to 500px BEFORE uploading and click on “Full-size” to insert to post so it won’t break the layout of current theme.

    still not the answer i need when i resize to 500px i still loose the edges of the original whether i put the photo in in thumbnail or medium size is my answer crop the original a bit bigger and then resize to counter-act loosing the edge of the picture????

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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