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  • With many commercial magazine themes demanding large-scale images, the need for a Pixabay is readily apparent. So too its limitations. I searched for four terms — forest, military, candy, and team — all of which came back with impressive images, none of which were wider than 640px. Great for content within a post, but not for themes that use featured images in sliders.

    Notably, the website itself offers the larger image sizes. Perhaps this is a glitch?

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  • Plugin Author Simon Steinberger


    @archertc: It’s not a glitch. We may include an option for retrieving full resolution images with our next version of the plugin, though.

    For now, each result shows you the URL to Pixabay where the original image can be found and downloaded in high resolution.

    Why the three stars, only – isn’t that still a service that is highly useful to you?

    Thank you so much for the explanation. After this experience, I went looking at the Flickr plugin that does the same and found the same issue. I am not sure why “select size” is not left to the user in both plugins.

    Three stars means, for me, “good but.” It’s GOOD for showing me what is available via Pixabay (which I had never heard of until this so well done!), BUT undermines its own function (because I have to then open a new window, cut and paste the URL, and then right-click to save the size that I originally wanted).

    Or am I missing something? If there is another trick to this that I am missing, please do let me know.

    Otherwise, I will look forward to the next version.

    Thanks again for even making this possible.

    Plugin Author Simon Steinberger


    Hey Archer,

    currently, your way is the only one to get images larger than 640 px – unfortunately. Well, I’m not sure why it isn’t possible with the Flickr plugin. But usually, such things have to do with saving bandwidth for the source websites. Full resolution images are mostly not accessible directly.

    In the case of Pixabay, the reason is our mass download protection mechanism on the website itself. We only offer public domain images, and we put an incredible lot of work into ensuring a high quality standard. If we wouldn’t have some sort of protection, virtually anybody could simply copy all of our image stock and create a similar website on their own, so … it’s a bit of a dilemma. When we have some time left, we’ll look into this in order to release an updated plugin version 🙂

    Plugin Author Simon Steinberger


    With the new plugin version 1280 px large images are available 🙂

    Great, thank you! Even more size options (like for ex. 800px, which is often used on Wikipedia) would be better, but still very good the way it is already.

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