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  • Hello.

    I’ve just installed ‘Comment Images Reloaded’ and after the comment has been published, the image doesn’t show at all. I’ve run a full plugin conflict test and it seems this is not the problem.

    I used to use ‘Comments Attachment’ and managed to recover images thanks to your plugin. Apart from that, I’ve just left the default settings unchanged (not ticked ‘deactivate images for all posts’).


    Could you please tell me what’s going on? Thank you very much for any help.

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  • Plugin Author WP Puzzle


    Hi, marisalaz!

    Try to add the following code in functions.php of your theme:

    add_action( 'after_setup_theme', 'my_theme_after_setup' );
    function my_theme_after_setup() {
        add_theme_support( 'html5', array( 'comment-list', 'comment-form' ) );

    Many thanks for your reply, Wppuzzle!

    I’ve just added those lines of code and I’m afraid it doesn’t work.


    Plugin Author WP Puzzle


    Could you give me a link to a comment which has attached image (even if it is not shown now)?

    Sure, last one here.

    Or this one.

    Plugin Author WP Puzzle


    I don’t see absolutely any signs of attached images. Let’s try the following:
    1) try to activate standard theme TwentySixteen and check if images are shown
    2)check if images are shown which are attached to comment, in admin pannel WordPress(page Comments)
    3)try to add new comment with image and check if it is shown on your theme and on theme TwentySixreen

    Thank you for replying.

    I don’t have TwentySixteen anymore; I deleted it. I’m using Avada. And no, images are not shown anywhere around the blog (comments, comments page or library). So, do you think it’s a theme issue, then?

    I cannot have the plugin active much longer as this is confusing for people.

    Thanks for your help.

    Plugin Author WP Puzzle


    Unfortunately, it is not enough information for me to determine exact reason. It is necessary to test. If you want to continue- write here or on email, we will try to solve the problem.

    OK, thanks. So I understand you need me to install and activate that specific theme and try again, right? I’m afraid something would get wrong with so many changes.

    I can try and ask the Avada people to check if it’s a theme issue. I think it’d be safer and faster, don’t you think so?

    I’ll get back to you as soon as I have their response.


    Plugin Author WP Puzzle


    Yes, the best way to check is to install theme Twenty Sixreen by and check work of plugin on it (you can see previously without theme activation via Customizer) – if pictures are not displayed in comments, then the problem is not in theme.

    Thank you very much, Wppuzzle. I’m afraid I don’t know how to do that. Anyway, I asked the theme support and they say it’s a plugin issue so they can’t help: “it [‘Comment Images Reloaded’] is actually breaking the comments function in our theme for some reason”.

    Hello again.

    Some more information, just in case it helps.

    I’ve installed ‘Twenty Sixteen” and the images are not uploaded either in this other theme.


    Plugin Author WP Puzzle



    Try the following solutions:
    1) Probably, limit is set on miximum allowable data size, sent by the POST method. Directive post_max_size responds for this value and it must be more than upload_max_filesize. Try to configure both directives in .htacces

    php_value upload_max_filesize 50M
    php_value post_max_size 70M

    2) If the firs solution doesn’t help, then problem may be in limit of script work time. You may try to solve by adding following directive in .htaccess

    php_value max_input_time 1200
    php_value max_execution_time 1200

    If no one solution helps, then specify please, if you face such a problem while uploading images in articles and if this problem exists when you leave comment with image on behalf of admin?

    Thanks a lot for your trying to help, Wppuzzle. I appreciate it.

    No problem adding images directly to the media library or inserting them into posts (articles). It’s just when you try to attach an image to a comment using the plugin: then it’s not uploaded to the library, it doesn’t show in the admin section either and this is all the same for all roles (even the admin).

    Besides, I’ve tried it out with another plugin and images are added to the media library.

    If you still think that I should try to write those code lines, please let me know.


    Hello again Wppuzzle,

    No, unfortunately, it’s not a problem of maximum file upload size.

    Could you please look into it when you can?

    Thank you so much for your help.

    Plugin Author WP Puzzle


    If problem is not in theme and hosting settings, then it may be conflict with other plugin or other peculiarities about which we cann’t know without detailed study of configuration and testing

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