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  • Is that running Multisite or a separate install of WP in an add-on domain?

    Hi Mika, it’s a separate WordPress installation on an additional domain. I’m actually running five different WordPress installations on that one webspace with different domains – but now the fact that all image URLs of five WordPress projects are located on the initial domain name ( bugs the hell out of me 🙂

    Moving out of Multisite first of all 😉 Multisite is if you’re using Multisite, not for separate sites.

    How did you create ? Not the WP site, the domain? And when you DID install WP, was it at or at ?

    Hi Mika, thanks again for your reply!

    1) I ordered the sports-are-social domain via HostEurope while ordering a complete webspace package that also included a domain. So the whole webspace I use for multiple projects is on the same webspace that belonged to that domain. When I ordered the new domains, I just bought the domains and no webspace related to it – that’s why I uploaded everything to the sports-are-social webspace.

    2) Because of this, all wordpress installations are on the webspace associated with sports-are-social. I have no clue (to be honest :D) how to get things hosted on the domains I bought additionally (I only redirect via the HostEurope admin interface…)

    Each WP install in your situation (separate sites, not MultiSite) requires that the media (images, video, etc.) for it be within that installation if you want the URL to show that path. You should therefor not upload media for the “travel site” into the “sports site”.

    In your scenario:

    Root account – Sports
    – media ends up in root/wp-content

    Travel site – with WP install in a folder named travel (for example)
    – media ends up in root/travel/wp-content

    They are uploaded on the webspace I bought with the first domain, added into a directory for travel-photographs.

    Doing this places them in the root account, which is associated with the “sports” URL.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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