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  • I recently inherited a poorly built wordpress blog when i was hired as webmaster for my company.

    last night i tried to remove the 3 other admin level users and assign their work to my name.

    It failed and I had to restore from a database.

    today, I tried to change their email and password information, to remove their ability to login in. (these are disgruntled employees and I don’t want them having the ability to login and mess around.)

    I changed the 3 passwords and email accounts linked to the user names, and now all the images that they uploaded will no longer resolve on the site.

    for instance, some images in the media gallery are credited to me. those are still available, and my account is the only account that remains unchanged.

    the images credited to the original 3 users are no longer visible and resolve as a red x. these are the users i changed the info for.

    the site is if you click through to any of the pages from the home page, you will see what I mean (the front page is static html and not related to the wordpress database at all.)

    Please advise – I’m getting really frustrated and I’m trying to get some sleep.

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