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Images are not loaded / Slideshow broken (2 posts)

  1. -bene-
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Hi there,

    I have a strange bug:
    I can slide between 2 images but then, it seems like the Javascript is broken. Nothing happens after that, as soon I click on next or previous. The thumb-nav doesn't work either. :/

    I've resetted the supersized plugin to all defaults and deactivated my other plugins but it still does not work.

    Any ideas?
    I don't have any errors in my chrome/firefox console log..


  2. -bene-
    Posted 1 year ago #

    I've activated the debugging info. It says:

    full_dir = slides-portrait
    dir = wp-content/slides-portrait/
    thumbs_dir = wp-content/slides-portrait/thumbs/
    dirArray = a:8:{i:0;s:50:"wp-content/slides-portrait/_00_test_titel_hoch.jpg";i:1;s:50:"wp-content/slides-portrait/_01_test_titel_quer.jpg";i:2;s:39:"wp-content/slides-portrait/_MG_0333.jpg";i:3;s:41:"wp-content/slides-portrait/_MG_0405_3.jpg";i:4;s:39:"wp-content/slides-portrait/_MG_0432.jpg";i:5;s:39:"wp-content/slides-portrait/_MG_0485.jpg";i:6;s:39:"wp-content/slides-portrait/_MG_0551.jpg";i:7;s:39:"wp-content/slides-portrait/_MG_0978.jpg";}

    It seems like the images are there?!

    However the LIs of #supersized are empty and don't have any IMGs in it. Except the first two slides.

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